May 26, 2022

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Kaduna Pastor Who Offer Members ‘Heaven’s Ticket’ for N310K Disowned by CAN –

  • The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna has advised Christians to seek understanding of Scripture when a sermon seems unclear
  • Christians have also been advised to be mindful of the type of preaching they hear others lest they be misled.
  • CAN President of the Kaduna Chapter, Rev John Joseph Hayab said the association will not hesitate to expose false preachers

A Kaduna resident pastor named Ade Abraham , who is said to be offering church members tickets to heaven for the sum of N310,000, the equivalent of $745, has been expropriated by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Leadership newspaper reported.

According to the report, the Kaduna branch of the CAN announced this in a statement issued by the Chairman, Rev. John Joseph Hayab.

In his statement, he said the association could not ascertain his whereabouts as he has been described as a faceless pastor who gives the denomination a bad name.

CAN’s Kaduna chapter said that no one was able to locate the location of the church where the alleged pastor resides or the name of the congregation.

CAN said:

“Is it possible that Ade Abraham lived before his spirituality Kaduna or did he come to visit Kaduna?” How can we have such a pastor and nobody knows him just so we can read about his drama in the media while the journalists in Kaduna don’t have that information?

“CAN Kaduna State appeals to anyone who Pastor Ade knows of Abraham or the location of a church in Kaduna associated with the alleged individual to provide our connection with the information so we can work with security agencies to prevent the security challenges in the state from becoming worse could.”

We will not hesitate to expose false preachers – CAN

In the meantime, according to the association, investigations are being carried out into the identity of the alleged pastor Ade Abraham was included to appease the growing public panic.

However, CAN has advised all Christians to be careful of the type of sermon they hear in order to not to be misled.

CAN also note that any doctrine that seems vague and opaque is an opportunity for believers to resort to a search for understanding of Scripture.

Video emerges as Pastor promises a ticket to heaven in exchange for N310,000

To make it to the camp, Pastor Ade demands the sum of N310,000, which is said to be a fee for him to fly his willing limbs into the sky.

A video has already shown that some people are in the camp and are vehemently have refused to come back, saying the rapture is coming soon.

2023 : CAN endorses Christian candidacy to succeed Buhari

In a In another development, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has affirmed that the next President of Nigeria should be a Christian.


Rev. CAN President Samson Ayokunle warned political parties against running either a Christian/Christian or a Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket.

Ayokunle called for support for Christian political leaders in all geopolitical zones to make the vision a reality.