Dec 9, 2021

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Katsina Govt Reveals Armed Bandits Now Use Walkie-Talkies to Beat Telecom Shutdown

  • The decision to shut down telecommunications networks in Katsina to curb the armed bandits’ operations may not work
  • This is because the Bandits reportedly purchased walkie-talkies online to aid them in their nefarious activities
  • This latest trend in the criminal elements was revealed by a key official in the Katsina state government

Katsina – The government of Katsina state has said that bandits have developed new strategies to counter the effects of security challenges circumvent a containment order by purchasing walkie-talkies.

The federal government closed the telecommunications networks in Katsina and some neighboring states in order to restrict the operations of the armed bandits.

But the secretary of the Katsina State Government, Dr. Mustapha Inuwa, on Thursday November 18th, at an organized press conference to provide an update on the security situation in the state, said:

“A new and most worrying move by criminals is the observed acquisition of radio frequency -Walkie talkie transceivers by the bandits who are now using them. The security authorities, however, are on the trail to put an end to the misconduct. “

The state police commissioner Sanusi Buba gave further insights, said the walkie sound films were short-range communication devices, which the criminals usually purchase through online shopping platforms like Jumia.

He said the police and other security agencies are working hard to ensure that such deliveries are prevented from getting in the bandits and other criminals to penetrate.

The members of the parliament of the state of Katsina called on the federal government to review the order, in particular the aspect of the disconnection of the GSM network, which they did described as counterproductive.

Nigerian troops kill numerous bandits, arrest 48, rescue 42 kidnapped victims

Meanwhile, the Nigerian military recently had 48 armed . arrested bandits and rescued 42 people abducted by the criminal elements.

This was announced at a press conference on Thursday, November 11th, by Acting Director of Defense Media Operations, Brigadier General Bernard Onyeuko , announced.

Brigadier General Onyeuko, who provided an update on the military exercises in Operations Hadarin Daji, Safe Haven and Whirl Stroke, said the armed forces had the kinetic and non-kinetic method adopted approach in dealing with security challenges in the country.

Nigerian military monitors Kaduna-Abuja railway with helicopters

when announcing the start of the Military exercise, Brigadier General Onyeuko said:

” It is important that the Nigerian Air Force is present on the train tracks. Suffice it to say that the operation has started. Even if you arrive by road, you will see our helicopters along this route. ”