Jun 18, 2021

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Kellogg’s Cornflakes Makes A Grand Come Back Into Nigerian Market

Responding to the voice of the consumers, Kellogg Tolaram unveiled the newly improved Kellogg’s Cornflakes- the world’s No.1 cereal to the Nigerian market which has been specially fortified to match up with the global quality standards.

Part of the Special guests present to witness and endorse the product were the Honorable Commissioner, Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs & Poverty Alleviation- Mrs Cecilia Bolaji Dada, President Nutrition Society of Nigeria- Professor Afolabi Wasiu, Nigerian Actor and movie producer- Mrs Funke Akindele Bello who also doubled as the host of the ceremony and a few of other celebrities.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, Tolaram Group, Mr Girish Sharma, “we want to appreciate everyone instrumental to this auspicious launch ceremony happening here today most especially the Nigerian consumers. The product was first introduced in 2018, then it was immediately withdrawn following consumers’ feedback on taste which was causally linked to technology and other local restraining factors.

The team went back to the drawing board and have now come back to introduce the proudly made in Nigerian cornflakes, which by every means matches up to the international quality standard in terms of taste, texture, look and feel, nutritional benefits etc,” he said.

He, however, appealed to everyone present to continue supporting the Group as it expands, there is no gain saying that Tolaram has touched everyone here through the array of products in its portfolio. Girish assured Nigerians of the commitment towards creating another success story out the newly launched product. “We hope it will be readily accepted by Nigerians as much as how the previous others were embraced”.

Also speaking at the launch was Professor Wasiu Afolabi, President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, “We are excited to be a part of the launch of the world’s No.1 cereal in Nigeria- Kellogg’s Cornflakes which has come with the proposition of healthy alternative breakfast packed with essential nutrition for everyone.

Kellogg Tolaram has certainly proven to be a manufacturing entity which operates with the interest of its consumers at heart. Nutrition Society of Nigeria is proud to identify with such an organization always willing to go back to make modifications as expedient for the satisfaction of the public without compromising the global quality standard of Kellogg’s.

Apart from the crunchiness and the wonderful taste that every bite promises, further verification conducted revealed it possesses essential vitamins which the human body requires to function optimally, such as a modest amount of energy, vitamins A, B2,B3,B6,B9, B12, C and D. It has no less fat and no cholesterol, meaning it is not only an important diet for children but also beneficial to for adults.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is regarded as the world’s no.1 and Mom’s original choice because it seeks to bring about strong healthy relationship between Moms and their kids, hence the love from Moms all over the nation, in other words, Kellogg’s remains the first stop for a quick healthy breakfast for the family.