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Kidnapping, Robbery Victims Recount Experiences As Power Outages Complicate Situation in Abuja – Legit.ng

  • The national power grid has collapsed again, engulfing several cities including the federal capital Abuja in darkness
  • The latest incident, the fifth time in Year 2022, failed on Sunday and led to the shutdown of the outgoing power feeds of some electricity distribution companies
  • However, this development has supported the activities of kidnappers and robbers in the FCT as victims tell sad experiences< /strong>

As in the end times, darkness enshrouded the Adefemi community in Ushafa, Abuja, as residents struggled to reach their safety whistle to alert them their on-duty local security forces following the trend of kidnappings and armed robberies on the faithful night.

He said power had become a serious challenge given the growing insecurity in Nigeria and he couldn’t rightly eagerly reaching for his pipe because there was no light. He also lamented that the criminals usually storm the area for days due to the epileptic nature of the electricity.

But according to him:

“They were all gone before I could whistle. We rarely have lights these days.

“For the last month we have had no lights for up to 5 hours a day. It’s quite ridiculous and in this uncertain and dangerous time we need lights to increase safety.

“What is the work of the media? You guys need to do more to question what’s happening,” he asked.

He said:

” I’m tired of fuel from the bootleggers. To even get fuel for your car you have to queue for hours let alone buy for your generator. Gas stations don’t sell gallons. So we buy 10 liters for between N3000 and N4000. And this is the nation’s capital .Drive through the streets and main streets and you will see the number of ‘Aboki’ who are illegally involved in the black market business.

“Now how do you want people to survive?. All sources of energy have been cut off from us. This has affected people’s businesses. And when the common man who needs power to survive doesn’t get it, what happens then? Think of the ordinary barbers and ice block vendors. How are they running their business right now?”

Just recently and in the middle of the night, the Adefemi community again witnessed the kidnapping of 3 people from different houses. Each household paid 500,000 naira each before the victims were released.

Kubwa kidnapping incident

At FO1 in Kubwa Abuja, a trending video with a female voice narrated, how kidnappers stormed her house in the middle of the night when there was no light, kidnapped a man and tried to break into someone else’s apartment.

The voice said it was just that Intervention of God so that the daring gunmen would not break into her apartment. She related that the kidnappers with their neighbors left one of the apartments and blew up some other apartments in vain as they failed to capture more than one person.

However, what is common to all incidents is the timing often attack in the middle of the night as it is now normal for Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, every second day to throw people into the darkness.

Eyewitnessesb Report from Karu, near Abuja

< p class="align-left">A call from our overseas correspondent, Appmma, Karu, near Abuja, from a resident, Ejeh Innocent, told how Kidnappers stormed their area in the middle of the night when the community was already there thrown into darkness.

Ejeh, a political scientist and activist, bemoaned the lack of security forces and the darkness in the area due to poor power supply. He said criminals work better in the dark.

When he recounted how they stormed his territory, Ejeh said:

“These criminals stormed our territory in death the night. They shot sporadically in the air. Frankly, they came with sophisticated weapons. The entire area vibrated from the loud sound of gunfire. But I tell you, not a single intervention from security forces until they finished their operation and left .

“In the end they left with no less than 3 of my neighbors. No less than N12 million was paid to ensure their release.

“We really need serious security in our area. We also need constant power supply. At the very least, we need a police station or outpost deep in our area. “

“And the police must react quickly at such a time. God forbid we experience such an incident again. The majority of our people plan to relocate due to lack of police presence. If investigated at all, it might give some respite.”

Nasarawa Police Command responds

Nasarawa State Police Public Affairs Officer, PPRO, ASP Rahman Namsel when asked by Legit.ng said the incident had not been reported but promised to work on it so further action can be taken.

He said:

“Unfortunately w this incident was not reported. I take this as information that will be acted upon immediately.”

He a I also announced that some military personnel were there to monitor the situation.

< p class="align-left">However, the source remained silent about the ransom payment, saying that the police were in no way involved in the ransom payment.

AEDC Bwari Area Council remains mother

< h2>Again, national greed collapses

But again, on Sunday evening, report emerged from the collapse of the national electricity grid According to the report, electricity distribution in Abuja and other parts was not in able to draw large amounts of electricity from the national grid, which will be the 17th time it has collapsed since this year.

The Kaduna electric announced on Sunday that that:

“We regret to inform you that the power outages in our franchised states are due to a system failure of the national power grid. The collapse occurred at around 18:47 tonight, hence the loss of power to all our feeders.

“Power is scheduled to be restored once power is restored to the national grid,” the statement added.

Electricity companies apologize to Nigerians and businesses as national power grid collapses again

Following the collapse of the national power grid, a widespread one erupted across the country Power outage .

It has become known that the grid failure occurred on Sunday, June 12 at around 6:49 p.m. and led to the shutdown of the power outlets of some energy supply companies.

< p class="align-left">The Power Distribution, which confirmed the collapse via their verified social media handles, also apologized to customers including Nigerians and businesses.

Source: Legit.ng