Sep 21, 2021

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Kogi State: Yahaya Bello Shares Details of Meeting With Buhari

  • Governor Yahaya Bello met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House on Tuesday, September 7th
  • After the meeting, the governor of the Kogi State to the journalists, explaining what he had discussed with the Nigerian leader
  • According to Bello, his visit on Tuesday September 7th was on behalf of the good people of Buhari Buhari Honoring Kogi State

Abuja – The state of Kogi is according to the first Nigerian northern state to be designated as an oil-producing state becomes Governor Yahaya Bello.

Daily Trust reports that the Governor has promised to ensure that the revenues from the oil are used for the development of other economic sectors such as agriculture, and manufacturing several others can be used to ensure that past mistakes do not repeat themselves len.

Vanguard added that his visit to the presidential villa thanked the Nigerian leader for his generosity.

Kogi State Governor also appealed to Buhari to assist in completing the Ajaokuta Steel Company before the end of his term.

Fraud Allegations: Apologize or meet us in court, Kogi government EFCC threatens

Previously, the government of the state of Kogi said on Thursday the 2nd EFCC) in court over an alleged secured order to block their account at a new generation bank

It was said that the EFCC’s action embarrassed the government and insisted that the claims were false.

Kogi State Government spokesman Kingsley Fanwo expressed the threat in an interview with Journ alists in Abuja.

I lead a government of integrity, Yahaya Bello blows up EFCC

Meanwhile, Bello said that the case the EFCC against his government initiated that “a joke” is too far “.

The governor said so on Tuesday when he responded to questions from State House correspondents about the recent court ruling on a credit account, which is allegedly linked to the Kogi government.

In response to the development, Bello denied the existence of the account, but said that another rescue fund received by the government was in line with the agreements made with the state officials.