Sep 25, 2022

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Kuje Prison Attack: Big Trouble As Defence Minister Says All Boko Haram Inmates Have Escaped –

  • Right now, all of Boko Haram’s inmates are nowhere to be found at Kuje Prison in Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • This is chilling disclosure was made by Defense Minister Bashir Magashi on Wednesday, July 6.
  • Magashi told journalists in Abuja during a press conference on the recent attack on Kuje prison that evil The work was carried out by insurgents

FCT, Abuja Boko Haram suspects held in Kuje prison in the federal capital Territory (FCT) all escaped, according to Defense Minister Bashir Magashi.

The minister who blamed insurgents for the attack made the disturbing revelation on Wednesday, April 20 July 6 A media briefing at the Abuja facility, reports The Cable.

Magashi said:

“What actually happened, they came in their numbers and released some of the inmates. We are now trying to determine what type of prisoners they released.

“We are trying to see what we can do to ensure that all refugees in the prison quarters are taken back to the prison yard.”

“About 994 inmates, we’ve got about 600 inside now. Many people are recaptured. The people who came in are recorded as belonging to a particular group, and all indications are that they are Boko Haram.

“We have not been able to locate any of them at this time. There are currently around 64 of them inmates and we have not been able to locate them.”

The whereabouts of suspended police officer Abba Kyari is disputed

After the daring attack suspected Boko Haram terrorists at the prison on Tuesday evening, July 5, the whereabouts of suspended Deputy Police Commissioner Abba Kyari is causing controversy.

During the hour-long attack, some inmates are said to have fled . Kuje Prison is famous for holding high-profile inmates and suspects, including former governors and ministers.

A source at the correctional facility claimed he did not see the former police officer.

He is said to have said:

“We didn’t see him today. He also did not come to the Subhi (early morning) prayer as usual. But I don’t know what’s happening.”

Another officer, who preferred anonymity, said he was unaware of Kyari’s whereabouts until 9:30 am.