Dec 7, 2022

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Lagos developers with 14 flats collect rents from over 100 prospective tenants, disappear –

Two developers, Oluwasegun Adewara and one Okeowo, have gone into hiding after allegedly defrauding as many as 100 potential tenants in Lawanson in the Surulere area of ​​Lagos state.

The prospective tenants visited the building under construction to inspect its premises and then made payments to the developers.

After confirming the payments, it was revealed that suspects issued receipts to victims and set separate dates for them to take ownership of the apartments.

Things took a different turn, however, when people came to the data provided by the developers into the house at 16 Zamba Street, Lawason, noted that the number of potential tenants exceeded the number of apartments in the one-story building.

“I never knew that last thunder stag and friday people had come to fight against them to get access to their homes. I quickly rushed downstairs on Friday and noticed that there were crooks asking people to pay N100,000 so they could pick the padlocks that locked some of the doors to give them access to the apartments.

“The developers are nowhere to be found and we have yet to hear from the owners of the land and their lawyers. Over 120 people have paid for the 14 apartments in this building and more are coming. The money people have paid will be around N60 million because some people have been prepaying for five years. They also gave us receipts. The matter was reported to the Itire Police Station.”

Another victim, Jenifer Ihemeje, while lamenting the incident, said some potential renters cried and passed out from shock .


The entrepreneur said, “I paid N650,000 to Mr. Okeowo and others in April, but they postponed it until June 14, 2022, when I sent them a texted to threaten them. Another person who also paid for an apartment informed me that about 10 people paid for a single apartment.

“The person said that many people gathered at the house Friday about the incident. So I rushed there on Saturday and met people crying, screaming and some people even passed out.”