Jun 13, 2021

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Lawyers React as Lai Mohammed Claims Kidnapping, Banditry Are Not Federal Offences

– There has been mixed reaction from attorneys to Lai Muhammad’s claim that kidnapping and banditry are not federal crimes.

– While a previous filing by Falana (SAN) agrees with the minister’s allegation, another lawyer, Festus Ogun, has made a contrary submission .

– Mohammed, the minister of information, submitted the claim in response to a PDP statement on the country’s security crisis.

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, raised his eyebrows on Tuesday May 4th when he claimed that kidnapping and banditry were not crimes of the Federal.

The minister responded to statements made by the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on the country’s security challenges.

He said:

“The PDP claimed that kidnappers and bandits will not be brought to justice. This is apparently aimed at the federal government.

“It’s shocking that a party that has ruled this nation for 16 years doesn’t know that kidnapping and banditry are not federal crimes.

“The PDP should therefore urge the states, including those it controls, to ensure rigorous prosecution of arrested kidnappers and bandits.”

Falana’s submission corresponds to the minister’s assertion

Shortly after the statement was made, social media broke out as many found the claim outrageous. The minister’s name became a trending topic when Nigerians berated him on Twitter for what they believed was untrue.

Tolu Ogunlesi, President Muhammadu Buhari’s advisor for new The media quickly drew the attention of those who “attacked” the minister to a television footage from Channels featuring the respected senior attorney Femi Falana (SAN), also previously found to be crimes such as kidnapping and murder state crimes.

Falana said:

“Crimes such as murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and the rest of them are state crimes; The federal government cannot come to Lagos and prosecute anyone. “

Another lawyer disagrees

Festus Ogun, a legal analyst and human rights activist, disagreed with the Minister of Information.

The lawyer continued:

“I am more concerned about the growing style of exculpatory arguments just to protect the federal government from being responsible for its failure to the people in Nigeria.

“To put it bluntly, kidnapping and terrorism are crimes committed by the National Assembly under the criminal code applicable in the south and the criminal code applicable in the north.

“Specifically, Section 1 of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 provides for kidnapping, banditry and terrorism offenses under the Act. Section 30 of the Act has the authority and duty of the Honorable Attorney General of the Federation to prosecute all crimes created under the law, including kidnapping and banditry.

“How did Mr. Lai Mohammed come to this conclusion? If the minister’s disturbing statement is to be placed alongside the provisions of our existing laws, it will lie flat in the face of legal scrutiny. The position of minister is unfounded, unfounded and has no legal status. “

Ogun felt that rather than handing the money over to the prosecutions, the federal government should step up efforts to find permanent solutions to the deteriorating security situation can tear the country apart.

He added:

“Section 14 (2) of the 1999 Constitution obliges the federal government to provide the people with adequate security . The government should do this as our nation remains a risk if the complicity of the authorities continues.

“What is important is that the Buhari regime’s growing affection for bandits and terrorists should be discouraged and those who want to no longer enjoy paternal love and care, but should be brought to the full weight of the The Nigerians really want a government that intends national security. “

In the meantime, the Federation Prosecutor General Abubakar Malami (SAN) has stated, the federal government will prosecute some high-profile Nigerians and business people for financing terrorism.

However, he did not disclose the identity of the suspects or the number of those affected.

Malami announced this in an interview with State House correspondents in the presidential mansion. Abuja.