Sep 20, 2021

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Leaked Audio: Igboho’s Lawyer Finally Breaks Silence, Reveals Why Yoruba Activist Is Angry

  • Ibrahim Salami, a Cotonou-based attorney for Sunday Igboho, has explained why his client expressed his anger in a leaked audio
  • Igboho had in the audio beat up his legal team in the Republic of Benin and said the lawyers left him when they were needed most
  • However, Salami noted that Igboho found it strange stay in police custody do not commit any crimes

Cotonou, Republic of Benin – According to leaked audio data from the Yoruba Nation activist , Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, who berated his lawyers in the Benin Republic, one of the lawyers, Ibrahim Salami, responded.

The Punch reports that Salami Igboho for the leaked audio.

Said Igboho was angry with him and other members d legal teams because he felt that he had no reason to remain in police custody.

Salami, who a. is a law professor, stated that Igboho found it strange being held in police custody for not having committed a crime and said the activist wants things to be done faster.

However, he said Igboho had no intention of making his complaint public.

The lawyer remarked:

” Igboho is someone who gets angry easily and when I challenge a client, about it is not discussed in the media. “

He noted that Igboho has the right to get angry about that The way he was jailed was the law, in an interview with the BBC, adding that he had a right to be angry.

Igboho is hot and begs Benin to bring him up Extraditing Nigeria

It was reported that Igboho expressed his confidence that he would regain his freedom e when the Republic of Benin returned him to Nigeria and said he was not afraid to return home.

In a leaked audio recording, Igboho said he was ready withdrawing urn to the country, adding that nothing would happen to him as long as there is God.

In a related report, the was linked to the motion to enforce basic human rights Case file submitted By Sunday, Igboho’s aides were stolen by armed robbers.

This was the attorney’s submission to the Department of State Service, I. Awo, at the Federal Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 8th September, during a resumed hearing.

The DSS lawyer added that his belongings, including the case file, had been abducted by the criminals and requested that the hearing be adjourned.