Oct 19, 2021

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LG Poll: Aeroland Raises Alarm, Says APC Moles in PDP Scuttled Primary in Alimosho

– Segun Adewale, a former chairman of the PDP in Lagos, expressed concern about the behavior of the party pre-election in the state

– Adewale noted that the party leadership had broken its original promise to vote for candidates by consensus

– Ikeja According to the party’s leaders, there was no pre-election in the Alimosho state local government area

Ikeja, Lagos – Otunba Segun Adewale, a former Lagos state chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) announced the party’s vote on Monday the 1st. Select the party’s candidates for the upcoming council elections.

Adewale, who is also ex officio the Southwestern PDP, announced this in the party secretariat on Wednesday June 2 when he threatened to close the office of the independent n Lagos State Election Commission (LASIEC) on Thursday 4th.

The party leader announced that the party leadership had initially agreed and instructed that candidates for the local elections would show up by consensus afterwards to make a complete U-turn to say that they (candidates). up to 18 years old and said the most annoying thing was that even the party leadership shifted its position from option A4 to the delegate option in the selection of party candidates.

Aeroland noticed the exercise not held to say that Violence broke out in the various locations and people had to scurry for safety reasons Gangsters the. The opposing camp was also damaged.

No PDP area code was held in Alimosho

In contrast, Adewale said that the failed area code was held in one place As was the case with the rest of 19 local governments in Lagos, the party leadership has created six voting centers in the Alimosho parish alone.

He said:

” We already had 36 council members and six presidential candidates from Alimosho. The party said in its deliberation that it would not go to elementary school. They said we should reconcile and reduce the number. So we have the council candidate to 18 and the The party then said we should go to the primary, I asked why?

“The 18 candidates concerned, who were upset to resign, moved to the camp for reasons of cost other Frakti on off I deny you the opportunity to enter a competition. That being said, the remaining 18 eligible aspirants with me are undergoing primary elections at six locations in Alimosho alone, as opposed to one location in each of the state’s other 19 local governments.

“It is a clear conspiracy against me, as all six addresses belong to members of the APC party who were against us holding primaries there. This led to two changes of location in Ayobo Ipaja.”

I am writing a petition to the PDP NWC on the Kangeroo Primary Zone

Adewale, while expressing his strong opposition to the nature of the exercise, he said he was already writing a petition to the PDP national headquarters claiming that no primary exercise was held in Alimosho and therefore no winners as the party’s candidate for the upcoming state council polls.

He has been reported to say that leaders are now repeating their positions within the party, adding that failure is usually the end result.

He stated that the only solution to the unfortunate e The party’s position in Lagos is to have proper primaries and elections, as seen in 2015 with a number of House and House members of the Assembly.