Dec 9, 2021

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List: 4 COVID-19-related Conditions to Meet Before Embarking on International Trips

The COVID-19 outbreak around the world has changed lives in general, including requirements for local and international travel, as countries continue to enact strict laws, even prohibitions on people who want to travel to their borders for whatever reason.

Many nations hardest hit by the global pandemic fear that entry is indiscriminate of travelers could worsen the conditions.

Against this background, some proof of a negative COVID-19 status is required at embassies and airports around the world.

< p class = "align-left"> Below are four documents that you must have when leaving your country for another:

1. Negative PCR COVID-19 test result with QR code

The COVID-19 test result of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is mandatory in most countries. Passengers arriving abroad must submit a negative report within three days to avoid quarantine.

2. Yellow Card / Travel Insurance

The pandemic has made travel insurance with international coverage necessary. In addition, governments are demanding yellow cards from tourists and transit travelers.

As a result, travelers must take a second COVID-19 test at the transit airport or at the finals. Destinations.

3. Passenger Search Form

This document is required for foreigners and returning nationals. They are expected to complete the form online prior to arrival in order to enter the country.

4. A self-help antigen rapid test kit

Although this is not required in many countries, the test kits improve the rapid generation of COVID-19 status results.

COVID-19: FG responds to UK’s new travel warning about vaccinations

In the meantime, the federal government had debunked claims that the UK government had various COVID-19 Vaccines not recognized as being used in Nigeria.

The Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), Faisal Shuaib, said, contrary to this claim, that the British government administered all of them in Nigeria Recognize vaccines.

He said concerns have been raised since the UK government issued a new travel advisory notice that would go into effect on October 4th, 2021.

According to the new travel advice, it would be classified as de Put countries from green, yellow and red in only one red and green list, with the possibility that countries on the yellow dividing line will either fall under the green or red list.