Jun 13, 2021

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List of 11 Important Issues Buhari Addressed in Latest TV Interview

President Muhammadu Buhari was introduced on Thursday, June, in an exclusive interview with the private television broadcaster Arise TV.

The President asked questions from news media journalists and spoke about some of the key challenges Nigeria is facing and what its government is doing to address them.

1. Security

On the issue of security, President Buhari said he had made progress in the northeast and south-south. However, he admitted that he was almost overwhelmed by the security crisis in the northwest.

Nonetheless, the Nigerian leader said he had ordered the military and police to “be ruthless “Against bandits terrorizing the northwest region.

He said the bandits would be treated in the language they understand.

On Boko Haram, too, the President stated that the uprising was fueled by youth unemployment and poverty.

2. Appointments

In contrast to the nepotism charges against him, President Buhari said that all appointments he makes are based solely on merit and not on ethnic or regional balance.

Regarding the appointment of the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Yahaya Farouq, President Buhari said the new Army Chief was appointed based on his experience in fighting Boko Haram in the northeast. < / p>

Until his last appointment, General Farouq was the head of the anti-Boko Haram operation in the northeast.

3. Message to the Governors

President Buhari also instructed the state governors to secure their individual states. He said two governors from the southwest visited him recently and complained about the pastoral crisis.

The president said he told the governors to return to their states and resolve the crisis.

4. Message to Nigerian Youth

Referring to the EndSARS protests in 2020 which eventually turned violent, the Nigerian leader urged the youth to behave and ensure that the Nation is secure if they want jobs in the country.

He stated that no investor can invest in an unsecured environment.

5. On IPOB

When asked what he is doing to address the crisis in the Southeast, President spoke about the banned secessionist group IPOB in his response.

He described the indigenous people of Biafra, who are crying out for secession, as a point in a circle that has nowhere to go.

The President added, that IPOB members do not know what they are talking about because the people they are supposed to fight for, the Igbos, have business interests and possessions all over Nigeria.

He swore , “with them in the language they understand.”

6. APC Policy

When asked how the next APC presidential candidate and potential successor would be selected, the President said the decision would be made by the party together.

7. Rising debt

Regarding his government’s borrowing, President Buhari said the loans will be used to expand infrastructure.

He stated that no country can develop without creating the necessary infrastructure.

The president also complained that the crash in global oil prices had adversely affected the government Income.

He claimed that the previous administrations wasted resources that should have been used to develop the infrastructure.

8. Corruption

President Buhari complained that fighting corruption is difficult under a democratic government because the prosecution takes too long.

Nevertheless, he assured that his government will not tolerate corruption.

9. Economy

In terms of economy, he talked about his policy of closing borders to stop smuggling and the incentives for farmers to encourage them to return to the farm, to boost local production.

The President noted that he was impressed with the way Nigerians have participated in the initiative.

10. Twitter banning

While many Nigerians would like to hear the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria directly from the president, the president declined to comment and said he would keep it to himself.

11. After the Presidency

When his term ends in 2023, President Buhari said he would return to his farm daily and keep himself busy.

He added that he never left the farm despite being busy with the presidency.

In the meantime, President Buhari attended on Thursday the 10th. June, visited the state of Lagos to put the Lagos-Ibadan railway project into operation at Ebutte Meta Terminal to start commercial operations.

The project is the new Mobolaji Johnson station, which is considered to be the largest station in West Africa with a capacity of 6,000 passengers.

The president is also expected to go to the port of Apapa to see the integrated infrastructure for national Commissioning safety and waterway protection known as the Deep Blue Project.