Sep 21, 2021

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Masquerader/Muslims Clash: Court remands 2 for alleged murder in Osun

An Osun Supreme Court in Osogbo on Tuesday ordered the pre-trial detention of a makeup artist, Kayode Esuleke, at the Ilesa Correctional Center for the alleged murder of a Muslim clergyman, Moshood Salawudeen.

The presiding judge, Justice Ayo Oyebiyi ordered that the accused and his son Ifasola Esuleke be taken into custody because of the extent of the alleged crime Crime committed on June 27 on Arayin Street in Osogbo metropolis.

Badiora said Masquerade followers and Muslim believers clashed in Kamarudeen Mosque, resulting in the death of one person while holding multiple possessions were destroyed.

He said the clash with the Muslim believers in the mosque resulted in a breach of peace in which one of the Muslim believers was killed while many ver last and the mosque was destroyed.

He said the offense committed violated Sections 8 3, 249 (1) (d), 35, 320 (1) (2), 451 and 319 of the Criminal Code Cap 34, Vol.11, Law of Osun, 2002

The defendants pleaded not guilty of murder, attempted murder, malicious assault, bodily harm, violating the public peace and engaging in a public brawl.

The defense attorney, Mr. Abimbola Ige, prayed the court to grant his clients bail release in the most liberal terms.

Justice Oyebiyi, however, denied the defense attorney’s request for bail and ordered it that the defendants will be placed in the Ilesa correctional facility.