Sep 21, 2021

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Minister decries CBN non-support for solid minerals sector

The Minister gave his views at a two-day public hearing organized by the Senate Committee on Solid Minerals, Mining, Steel Development and Metallurgy.

The public hearing is designed to receive stakeholder input into the preparations of four bills and one motion to investigate the solid minerals sector.

The bills are the Nigerian Minerals Development Corporation Act 2021 and the Solid Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission Act 2021.

The others are the Institute of Bitumen Management Establishment Bill 2021, Explosive Act 1964 Repeal and Reenactment Bill 2021, and the urgent need to investigate the $ 9 billion annual loss due to illicit mining and smuggling of gold.

Ogah said during his presentation: “It is unfortunate that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has failed to participate s believed.

“If they believe in us, if they support us, the way they support agriculture, we will do wonders for it.

” This is a ministry that has not yet been developed, that is unknown, but can change the landscape of our income. “

Ogah, who asked for support in all areas for the development of the sector, said it was necessary that To support research for the growth of the sector.

“Likewise, we must urge the Treasury Department to speed up the export policy for solid minerals as this is the only way to get operators into the sector.”

Ogah urged citizens to participate in auditing the activities of intruders in the mining subsector.

According to him, the federal government has started to build processing facilities for the solid minerals sector, which is currently in all six geopolitical zones is under construction.

“We will including processing facilities for gold, bauxite in the downstream sector of the mines and steel development and to ensure that processing takes place in this sector, ”he said.

On the bill for the establishment of Ogah, the Nigerian Mineral Development Commission (NMDC) said he would like the minerals listed there to be expanded.

“Let’s not limit ourselves to just seven minerals, because we have other minerals that are needed for the industrial revolution .

“We need to look at how we can accelerate the development of these natural resources, and so we need to look at the relationship between the ministry and state governments.

” States need to be ready to be involved in promoting the production of natural resources and not just to talk about the resources named in the states.

“States should work towards creating institutions, who are driving the development of solid mineral resources in their states, “he said.

Ogah urged the Senate to address issues between the Mineral Act and the Land Use Act as it is a matter between the Department and the States

“We need” to harmonize all issues so that we have a clear direction for the growth of the sector, “he said.

The minister said the bills would if passed, they would strengthen the sector.

He commended the Senate and President Muhammadu Buhari for using the ministry as a conduit to promote the development of the sector.

Former Chairman of the committee Senator Tanko Al Makura (APC-Nasarawa) said the bills were designed to accelerate the diversification of the economy from a monoeconomy of oil to solid minerals.

He said the bills had been adopted, the sector would in view of the abundance of solid mineral resources in all parts of the country.

the NMDC would help to solve the problem of the income required for infrastructure development.