Jan 25, 2022

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More West African Nations Deepen Healthcare Delivery With Drones – Legit.ng

  • More Nigerian neighbors in West Africa are using drones to improve health care in their area
  • Ivory Coast is the newest country to be the same Line to ensure that medical products reach rural residents
  • Many local service providers along the value chain are directly involved, which should also strengthen the local economy of the country

Abidjan – In line with efforts to achieve universal health care goals, leading West African nations are deploying medical drones.

Recently, the Ivory Coast government announced a partnership with Zipline – a US-based, global leader in instant logistics – to deliver emergency medical care via their drone across the West African nation Delivery service.

As part of this latest partnership with the Ivory Coast Government, Zipline will build and operate four distribution centers from which blood products, vaccines and medical products are stored and at more than 1,000 healthcare facilities throughout the country.

The first distribution center should be completed and put into operation before the end of 2022.

The agreement aims to achieve the ministry’s vision of achieving universal health coverage by ensuring equal access to blood products, vaccines and medical products, especially in rural areas.

The Minister of Health, Public Hygiene and General Health Insurance, Mr Pierre N’gou DIMBA, said:

“Achieving universal health insurance is a top priority for the ministry and wi r believe that this brave decision to partner with Zipline is a surefire way to achieve it.

“We have assessed the capacity of Zipline and its activities in other African countries with similar requirements to ours , and we firmly believe that this partnership will help us remove barriers to access to health care and create a fairer and more efficient health system across the country. ”

The Director, Africa Go-to-market for Zipline, Mr. Israel Bimpe, expressed the hope that zipline technology will significantly improve the country’s health care system.

His words:

“Our revolutionary instant logistics technology, which is used worldwide, will enable the access and the even distribution of medical goods to remote and inaccessible areas.

“For this reason we are excited about this partnership, which will improve the overall lives of our own people and leave no one behind in terms of access to medical supplies.

” Zipline will provide all healthcare facilities with emergency procedures as well as routine ones Support supplies and shipments of medicines, vaccines and blood.

“Zipline will also serve as the sole supplier to some healthcare facilities in remote areas of the country, creating a more efficient delivery service.”

It is estimated that The partnership culminates in the creation of many jobs for the indigenous peoples, as Zipline aims to attract local talent for the distribution centers.

Many local service providers along the value chain are commissioned directly by Zipline, and that too to boost the country’s local economy.

Zipline wins US Secretary of State’s award

Zipline recently won the US Secretary of State’s award for corporate excellence (ACE) in Health Security.

The prestigious award, presented by Foreign Minister Antony J. Blinken, recognizes Zipline’s work in improving health security, access and equal opportunities.

Since 2019, Zipline has been working with the Ghanaian government, health ministry and agencies, and the Ghanaian civil aviation authority to transform the country’s health system and people at large Land to provide more effective and equitable care.

Enter the states of Cross River and Kaduna

Fortunately, the governments of the states of Cross River and Kaduna already have agreements signed with Zipline.

In February 2021, the Kaduna state government and Zipline announced a partnership to use a logistics network of autonomous delivery drones to ensure access and availability of Routine and Emergency Situations Changing Medicine for Millions of People in the State.

Similarly, Cross River State came on board in May 2021, among other things nd an excited Governor Benedict Ayade said:

“The focus of this partnership is to ensure that all barriers that prevent the successful delivery of medical supplies to our employees are removed.”