Jun 13, 2021

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Mortein, Ogun State and Federal Government Join Forces to Fight to End Malaria

According to the United Nations on Child Mortality, 91,250 children under the age of five die of malaria every year, 60% of people who visit the hospital are diagnosed with malaria and 4 of them There is a risk that 5 people will develop malaria in Nigeria.

LR: Dr. Official, World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Olatunde Yewande; Director, WHO, Ogun State Office, Dr. Abidoye Dele David; Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr. Tayo Lawal; Representative of the Health Commissioner Dr. Adesanya Ayinde; Reckitt Nigeria, Marketing Director, Tanzim Rezwan and Senior Brand Manager, Hygiene, Reckitt Nigeria, Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh, at the press conference on World Malaria Day 2021 between Ogun State MOH and Reckitt Nigeria in Abeokuta.

In continuation of the fight against malaria and as part of the activities for this year’s World Malaria Day, Reckitt Nigeria, manufacturer of the Mortein insecticide brand, has launched its “ < strong> Fight against Mortein “Campaign to End Malaria ” launched and collaboration with the government of Ogun State and the National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) to support education and awareness-raising on malaria prevention in Nigeria .

The partnership with Ogun State was announced at a joint Ogun and Reckitt Health Ministry press conference to commemorate World Malaria Day 2021 (WMD) at the Abeokuta Ministry of Health .

As part of the partnership with Ogun State, this year’s effort to eradicate malaria will be achieved through several platforms: market and community activities, Enga gement for digital education and radio. In the future, the partnership is expected to impact various other initiatives, including sustained efforts through malaria programs in schools.

At the press conference on World Malaria Day 2021 in Ogun State Tanzim Rezwan, Marketing Director of Reckitt Nigeria, said community engagement and collaboration is part of numerous targeted initiatives by Mortein to help curb the spread of the malaria scourge in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

He continued, “ At Reckitt, every day we are driven by our goal in everything we do; to protect, heal and care for a cleaner, healthier world. Mortein as the world’s leading insecticide brand has set itself the task of providing and enabling our consumers with knowledge and expert solutions in order to keep away from vector-borne disease ten how to get rid of malaria. In this stroll, we not only try to offer consumers first-class products, but also strive to raise awareness of preventive measures.

In her comments: Ogun State Health Commissioner Dr. Tomi Coker, represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ayinde Adesanya, expressed appreciation to all partners in ensuring that best practices to eradicate malaria are implemented in the state.

I want the support of our partners – particularly from Reckitt, maker of mortein insecticide and donation agencies – appreciate and call for the support and collaboration of all and various to ensure that all aspects of malaria elimination programs are addressed and for the benefit of all and especially our children and pregnant mothers well funded, “he said.

This is relevant to note that Mortein has also joined the National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) for 2021 World Malari a Day activities in a social media campaign to raise public awareness of malaria prevention and testing. Mortein is also looking forward to developing a sustainable campaign in the future, including m to advance the partnership with further measures to combat malaria in Nigeria.