Sep 19, 2021

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My Biggest Worry when I Leave Office, Nigerian Governor

  • Governor Godwin Obaseki fears what will happen to most of his profitable reforms in Edo state if he resigns
  • Die Edo governors just said like the well-meaning people of the state he is concerned about the future of his huge advances in governance
  • But the governor noted that he and his cabinet are currently The institutions are working on strengthening them for the sake of continuity

For Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo, the continuity of his government is one of the greatest challenges he faces will face at the end of his term.

Governor Obaseki expressed this concern on Sunday September 12th during the thanksgiving service for the celebrations for the 87 Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church, Benin City , PM news reports.

The governorate r said this was his reaction to concerns from the masses about the fate of the many reforms his government has brought to the state.

Obaseki noted, however, that the the only certainty he has is that the government has begun strengthening the institutions so that the structures already in place will survive his term of office.

He counted the education in primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions, in the civil service and in the civil service, among the areas in which he has made many development steps.

His words:

“My the biggest challenge is what happens when I leave office. People say how certain we are that the reforms and changes that we have made and are implementing will continue after I leave office. The only guarantee is that we will start strengthening the institutions.

“We are rebuilding the public and civil service before we bring political actors into the scene, as they will go in three years if I am leaving, but the structures and institutions that we are building will certainly remain and continue our development steps. ”

Obaseki sends a strong message to the Buhari government and insists on the demand of N60bn

Meanwhile, Governor Obaseki was unwilling to reverse his claim that the Buhari-led government printed an additional N60 billion to allocate it to states across the federation support.

Although the governor of Edo promised not to deal with the government on this matter, he advised the Nigerian leadership, the alleged fin To put an end to the economic woes the country is facing.

Obaseki urged the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning to help Nigerians participate in this difficult time to ask for support.