Jul 28, 2021

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N180 ransom: Kidnappers of Greenfield university students become millionaires

– Criminals who kidnapped students from Greenfield University collected N 80 million as ransom.

– This was announced by some parents who said they also gave motorbikes to the criminals

– In addition, the parents accused the government of not helping them

parents of recently released students from the greenfield University have announced that they have been abandoned by the government, which has done nothing to ensure the release of their children.

According to them, they have raised 180 million N who were paid to the kidnappers. Another parent also announced that the kidnappers were also given motorcycles.

They related how they had sold their property to raise the N180 million ransom that was paid to the armed men.

The abductees were released last night near Ollam Farms on the Kaduna – Abuja highway.

Soon after, some security guards picked the scene to hand over to the police, but the students’ parents wouldn’t benefit from it.

They forced it Opening the gate of the farms to have access to the students before they snatch them away.

They branded the government as insensitive, loveless and left it to its fate the whole time. < / p>

They reminded of repeated requests to the state government and the security authorities, the Freilassu ng the abductees and how they sold their assets to raise money for the ransom.

One of the parents said:

“We have N180 Paid millions; They collected that from us without the help of a government.

“We, the parents, paid. The government has not sent a single police officer to track down our children’s kidnappers. “

A crying mother said they also gave the bandits motorcycles as part of the ransom.