Dec 4, 2022

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NADDC to Partner UAE Firm on Solar Tractor Production in Nigeria –

  • Nigeria moves towards production of solar powered tractors in the country courtesy of National Automotive Design and Development
  • To make the move a In fact, the government has started talks about a possible partnership with a company in the UAE.
  • The development, which will benefit Nigerian farmers, aims to improve food production and supply in the country promote

Abu Dhabi – The Director General of National Automotive Design and Development, NADDC, Jelani Aliyu, has discussions with incorporated an automotive company to manufacture solar powered tractors in Nigeria.

Mr. Aliyu announced that if the vehicles are made locally, they would be made available to farmers at a subsidized price.

According to him, the development will increase food production and supply promote in the country.

Mr. Aliyu, who attended as a panelist during the summit, discussed Nigeria’s current achievements in the automotive industry, including its strong potential in the sector across the African continent.

The summit brought together researchers, Engineers, government officials and EV-related companies and institutions from around the world come together to explore and discuss the technical, political and market achievements and potential of e-mobility.

The Director-General also paid a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Dansatta-Rimi.

While thanking Mr. Aliyu for the visit, the Ambassador appreciated the good Work done by the Director General in the development of the automotive industry in the country.

The Ambassador requested Mr Aliyu therefore urges Nigeria to continue its efforts as Africa’s auto manufacturing epicenter.

Nigerian Auto Compa to start exporting vehicles to Africa, says NADDC boss.

Recall that Mr. Aliyu previously disclosed that various automotive companies in Nigeria are already producing/assembling world-class vehicles for export to African countries.

He did Disclosure while speaking at a panel moderated by CNN’s Eleni Giokos at the just-concluded Intra-Africa Trade Fair, IATF, in Durban, South Africa.

The NADDC -Director-General reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to electric vehicles and the overall increase in local vehicle production both for the country itself and for export to other African countries.

Nigeria moves into manufacturing of electric and gas-powered vehicles, sa gt Aliyu

During the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Mr Aliyu had told the world that Nigeria was making strides towards making electric and gas powered manufacturing a reality vehicles.

According to the NADDC Director General, the assembly of electric vehicles by the Hyundai Kona EV and the assembly of OMAA CNG AutoGas-powered minibuses by a division of KOJO Motors are testimonials on the efforts the country is making in this direction.

Mr. Aliyu also stressed that Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind as nations around the world advance technologically.