Jun 22, 2021

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NBA insists governors must respect Judicial autonomy

The legal entity regretted that the closure of courts across the country had not only undermined democracy in the country, but also affected the fate of legal practitioners, and urged governors to swiftly comply with the request of the Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) to solve the riddle.

The NBA also called on the federal government to convene a round table in which all parties involved can meet, think and offer solutions to the senseless murders and kidnappings of innocent Nigerians.

The NBA, Ado Ekiti Branch, said so in Ado Ekiti at a press conference announcing the 10th Annual Legal Week in honor of a legal icon, Chief Afe Babalola (SAN).

The Chairman of the branch, Mr. Adeyemi Adewumi, who formulated the theme of this year’s Legal Week as follows: “The lawyer of the 21st century: integrating business skills with legal knowledge”, said: “The courts are closed due to the strike of JUSUN, which is in favor of the Implementation of financial autonomy for the judiciary.

“And in order to achieve a real separation of powers, the other government arms; The judiciary and legislation must be weaned from the breast of the executive, ie become independent in every respect, especially financially.

“This is the only way to transform public perception towards trust in the judiciary and the legislature.

“Sections 81 (1) and 123 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, guarantee the judiciary’s financial autonomy.

” Meanwhile, after the government refused to implement them, JUSUN had this autonomy and Dr. Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, sued the government in two separate cases in the Federal Court of Justice, in which both cases were won.

“After the verdict, the federal government finally complied when the President issued Executive Ordinance 10 that governed the General Accountant Authorized the Federation to deduct the judicial credit fund from the consolidated revenue of each state.

“This has been challenged by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF).

” It is shame the government had allo this problem degenerated to the level where courts and legislatures have to be closed before the right thing is done.

“So the NBA is in solidarity with JUSUN’s demands for financial Autonomy for the judiciary Notwithstanding the temporary pain these industrial action may cause for the welfare or the work of the lawyers.

“We decided to stand by them, know l we believe in this cause for the benefit of all. We therefore urge the Ekiti government, and indeed all state governments, to address this matter with the urgency they deserve.

“Lawyers are worst hit by the court closings, and we urge the government to please keep our request.

“You should follow the legal provisions on financial autonomy vis-à-vis the judiciary. This is not even a matter of executive order, but of our constitution, ”he said.

Adewumi said Nigerians and recognized groups should be brave enough to demand justice for those whose lives are like them Protests against the scrapped Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) was wasted.
He added, “We just pray that something happens that will stop these pointless killings.

” The government should look into this issue, it is terrible, and we all need to be safety conscious too. We have to come to the round table because it is getting bad every day.

“From north to south and everywhere the rate of banditry, kidnapping, killing and destruction has skyrocketed with no seemingly clear way to contain it.

“Despite the efforts of the security forces, we still hear weekly about kidnappings and murders.

” Where do we go from here? Should we go back to sleep with one eye open? Should we continue to travel with our hearts in our mouths? “Asked the NBA boss