Sep 20, 2021

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NDLEA arrest one, seized narcotics in Apapa Port conceal in rotors worth N6billion from Lebanon —

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a suspect and confiscated illegal narcotics worth N6b hidden in a machine from Lebanon in the port of Apapa in Lagos.

The agency At a press conference at the Raddison Hotel, Ikeja said Wednesday that the seizure, an operation led by Apapa Port Area Commander Samuel Gadzama, held a large amount of Captagon, a brand of amphetamine produced by the West African province of Islamic State (ISWAP), ISIS, and Boko-Haram insurgents as stimulants.

According to the chairman, chief executive of NDLEA, rtd. Brig. General Mohamed Marwa, the seizure was intended to alert Nigerians of the malicious intent of importing illegal substances into the country at a very critical time when the nation is facing security challenges.

He said, “In rotors a total of 451,807 tablets weighing 74.119 kilograms were discovered. With a street value of around US $ 25 per tablet, the importer would have raised N 5.8 billion. ”

He added that it is the first of its kind to be the Captagon in an African country south of the Sahara, which states that the addictive pill is widespread in the Middle East and creates a euphoric intensity in users that allows them to stay awake for days, makes them fearless and predisposes them to reckless acts that put people’s lives at risk.

“What should spark any sophisticated Nigerian nightmare about this drug is that its production and sale are controlled by militias and large criminal groups in the Middle East. Captagon has been traced back to Syria and Lebanon, “he said.

Marwa also claimed that ISIS uses Captagon’s production to generate money for weapons and combatants and to stimulate them during the war. < / p>

It was announced that the agency had received information from its international partners in March about the shipment of illegal narcotics from the Middle East via the port of hr Apapa to Nigeria, before NDLEA sniffer dogs on the 1st of tablets with drugs suspected amphetamine (captagon), weighing 3.2 kg, was found hidden deep in one of the coils.

Do not rest on the oars until everyone related to the broadcast were arrested.