Jan 27, 2023

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New Initiative Launched in Nigeria to Inspire Changemaking Among Young Youths – Legit.ng

  • Nigeria remains a major power on the African continent, inspiring the next generation of leaders and changemakers
  • With a population of 200 million people , 62 percent of them are under 21 years old, Nigeria is expected to contribute to Africa’s development.
  • Experts say change is the new education and the most important skill to succeed in the world today

Lagos – A global organization supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs has officially launched the Everyone A Changemaker (EACH) movement in Nigeria.

Supporters of the organization known as Ashoka say the EACH movement is being implemented in six metropolitan areas in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Yola.

Ashoka also established the Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) selection board in Nigeria.

The AYC program is a carefully selected network of young people under the age of 21 who demonstrate inspirational leadership in their communities by creating innovative solutions and leading a team to implement their change Ideas & nd are ready to take on the role of youth influencers, peer allies, and co-leaders of the movement.

The AYC program provides an enabling ecosystem for young changemakers to thrive by connecting them to changemaking tools, opportunities and supportive networks.

Josephine Nzerem, Regional Director, Ashoka Africa said:

“The The launch of the Ashoka Young Changemakers program comes at a critical time as we continue to witness the tremendous growth and impact that emerging social entrepreneurs are making here in Nigeria.

“At Ashoka, we recognize the imperative to inspire change and activate the ‘everyone a changemaker’ mindset among young people, who make up the largest percentage of this country’s population.

“One way to achieve this is to rethink the growing up years of children and young people and the factors that influence them, and to effect a change in the mindsets and attitudes and young people towards empowering the drivers of change in their communities.”

Angelou Ezeilo, Empathy Lead at Ashoka Africa said:

“Changemakers are in the business of disrupting systems and create better ones, whatever challenges they face.

“In a country where the median age is under 21, Nigeria is proving to be a hub for fostering the culture of change in the across the African continent.

“We are committed to connecting the young entrepreneurs we have identified with resources, materials, tools, opportunities and partnerships that will help them achieve their I deen for social change and empowerment for a better Nigeria.”

“It’s exciting to be part of a movement that recognizes this new reality of change to thrive in this rapidly changing world and to be succesfull.

“If every child grows up with this gift of change, the inequalities we see today will be a thing of the past. Change must become the new norm for old systems to correct themselves as they are managed by empathetic people who care about the good of all.”

Beyond Lagos, EACH co -Leaders will launch the movement in other African countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Senegal.

Yiaga Africa Launches Community Organizing Training for Young Leaders

In a similar one Yiaga Africa began development on Monday 9 May with a Community Organizing Training for young leaders in West Africa.

The program was developed from the Leadership, Organization and Action Curriculum of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government acquired.

The initiative had approximately 40 participants across the subregion and is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.