Jun 13, 2021

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New National Assembly employees protest against non-enrolment —

They asked for their employment to be formalized so that they could be resumed within the next seven days, especially since some of their colleagues were selectively enrolled two years ago.

The protest letter said: “We, them affected employees of the National Assembly who were employed in 2018 have been patiently waiting for the resumption for three years.

“We have completed almost 75 percent of the required documents as government employees and we hereby request our immediate resumption of the Service in light of the pain and hardship we have been through over the past three years. ”

Group spokesman Iyamiluwa Babatunde said the National Assembly Service Commission hired her in 2018, adding that some of they were taken on, while others were still accepted into the workforce of the National Assembly.

“We always asked and they gave reasons ben by lack of resources and so on, yet some of us have been absorbed and we don’t know what criteria they used.

“Our colleagues worked for two years in April of this year. What’s happening? Our hopes were high in the subject. What is our fate and how long do we have to wait?

“We have been to the National Assembly several times and met the management. We need help because it wasn’t easy for us. It will be three years at the end of next month. If some people have been called, we have every right to be engaged, ”he said.