Feb 7, 2023

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New Report Exposes the Man Behind Unknown Gunmen in Southeast, Group’s Real Name – Legit.ng

  • Unknown to many, the insecurity in the Southeast is not only caused by the indigenous people of Biafra
  • There seem to be other groups causing the unrest perpetrated in the region, according to a recent detailed report on insecurity in the Southeast
  • Security experts say many Southeastern states are still paying the price, like the new levels of strangeness and boldness shows crime in the region

Enugu – A report by the New Telegraph newspaper has revealed that the unidentified gunmen the southeast region are known as the Fallen Angels or Autopilot group.

According to the report, the group is made up of dissidents from the Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB).

The report states:

“In closed circles they are called ‘the fallen angels’ and in the gelä They are more commonly referred to as ‘the Auto-Pilot group’.

“The name ‘Fallen Angels’ emerged in the course of the investigation to uncover the true identity of the group opposing Nnamdi Kanu’s leadership and undermines IPOB’s command and control structure while they claim to be fighting for the release of Kanu and the emancipation of the Igbo nation.”

The report states that the Fallen Angels are made up largely of former members of IPOB – some expelled members, some disgruntled members and others who could not endure the discipline (and sometimes self-importance) embodied in IPOB’s command and control structure.

This group also includes a few others co-opted into the dissident group of outside groups and gangs whose interests are undefined.

A sou rce, the in quoted in the report said:

“Most of these men are largely loyal to themselves or to what they find convenient.”

“It’s the Fallen Angels, some other small factions within the IPOB family, which are quickly being rolled into a violent body under the Auto-Pilot group. The auto-pilot group has a well-known leader in the person of Simon Ekpa.

“While they claim that their sole allegiance is to Nnamdi Kanu and that their fight is to free him from imprisonment, The auto-pilot group has repeatedly challenged and denounced the leadership of the Directorate of State, the highest governing body in IPOB, which was founded by Nnamdi Kanu himself.”

IPOB asks Kumuyi, the proposed Deeper Life -Suspend Crusade in Abia

< p class="align-left">Meanwhile, IPOB has asked William Kumuyi, General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, to suspend his planned crusade in Aba, the merchant city in Abia state .

The crusade, titled Jesus Power for Extraordinary Breakthrough, is scheduled to take place in the Merchant City between Tuesday, May 24th and Sunday, May 29th.< /p >

Emma Powerful, IPOB spokeswoman said the crusade should be suspended due to insecurity in the region.

Soldiers kill four unidentified gunmen enforcing sit-at-home Aba

Recall that on Wednesday May 4th, four gunmen were killed by soldiers from the 144th Battalion, 14th Brigade of the Nigerian Army in Aba.

The incident happened around 2:00 p.m. in the Uratta, Aba area of ​​the Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway.

The gunmen, wearing black clothes, suddenly marched through popular streets and markets, forcing vendors and local residents to observe a two-day sit-at-home.