Mar 22, 2023

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New Twist Emerges As Abba Kyari Makes Serious Claims Against Buhari’s Govt –

  • DCP Abba Kyari is taking what may seem like his final steps to avoid extradition to the US for prosecution
  • The The suspended supercop told federal court Thursday, June 2, not to allow the federal government’s request to extradite him
  • Kyari said the move did a certain political tinge and willpower to undermine the crime and corruption crackdown he was working on prior to his arrest and imprisonment

Abuja – Suspended MP Police Commissioner (DCP) Abba Kyari has claimed that the move by the Federation Attorney General’s Office to extradite him to the United States (USA) is not in the interests of the judiciary.

In one of the new lawsuits filed Thursday, June 2, in federal court in Abu ja, Kyari, he urged Judge Inyang Ekwo not to authorize his extradition to the US to stand trial on charges of collaborating with an alleged cybercriminal, Ramon Abbas (Hushpuppi).

He claimed that the plan to send him to the US for prosecution was aimed at punishing him, reports Vanguard.

With the argument Noting that his arrest and detention had “political undertones,” the embattled police chief claimed that extradition to the foreign country would “…undermine the defendant’s crackdown on various crime gangs in Nigeria and internationally”.

He said:

“I know as a matter of fact that the alleged offenses are of a political nature and were in fact created for the purpose of prosecuting and punishing the defendant on the basis of his race and nationality and were w each made in good faith nor in the interest of justice.

“A copy of the defendant’s letter to Interpol on January 28, 2020 and to the Inspector General of Police on March 3, 2020 regarding the stab investigation by the The investigations carried out by the Respondent are hereby attached as Annex 1a and 1b. This was five months before the FBI arrested Ramon Abbas and others.

“The extradition request is not supported by any document or verifiable evidence.

“The request seeks to undermine the defendant’s actions against various criminal gangs in Nigeria and internationally, and has political overtones. The request is for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing the accused for his defense of the country…”

Prison or extradition? Abba Kyari learns a date of his ultimate fate

Previously, the court in Abuja set Friday June 3 for the extradition trial against Kyari initiated by the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The date was set by Fixed Judge Inyang Ekwo to allow AGF Abubakar Malami to file a formal response to Kyari’s notice of primary appeal challenging the jurisdiction of the extradition request filed against him.

Malami’s request was asked the court for permission to extradite the embattled police chief to the US for his alleged connection to Hushpuppi.