Oct 18, 2021

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Nigerian Governor Reveals What He Did that Nearly Cost Him Re-Election

  • Governor Nasir El-Rufai has disclosed the sacrifices of his second term in relation to quality education in the state
  • The governor of Kaduna state said that he is very willing to give everything so that the children in his state receive a quality education in the long run just to achieve his goal

Kaduna- Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said how willing he was to sacrifice his second term ambition to provide quality education to children in his state.

Lecture at the Wells Summit 2021 in the state of Ekiti on the subject of “Investment attractiveness and economic development in the state of Ekiti”. which took place in Ado-Ekiti, El-Rufai said he was threatened with an election defeat, Channel TV reported.

El-Rufai said he insisted and eventually the Test carried out on teachers in Kaduna despite the threat.

He said:

“My brother here is said to have lost his application for the second term for the first time because he threatened to test teachers.

“I tested them and fired them before our election. When asked if I would lose my second term, I said if losing my second term gave the children of Kaduna State a future with better primary education, I am ready to leave. ”

< h2> Photos are taken when Buhari, El-Rufai, Lawan takes part in the fainting parade of the NDA cadets

It was reported that the special advisor to the president for media and public relations, Femi Adesina , the event took place on Saturday, October 9th.

The event included the opening ceremony of the 68th regular course with personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force at the NDA in Kaduna.

Kaduna: Video captures touching moment as kidnapped Catholic seminarians returned from captivity

In another report, students of Christ the King Major report Seminary in the Jemaa municipality of Kaduna, the kidnapped by bandits have been released.

At the moment there is no new evidence or evidence that the ransom was paid for the release of the students.