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Nigerian Military Not Happy Over Zamfara Governor’s Call for Residents to Bear Arms, Give Reasons – Legit.ng

  • The Nigerian military has given assurances of its ability to safeguard the lives and property of citizens in all states of the country
  • The military assurance followed the call by the governor of Zamfara state to the police chief to issue gun licenses for self-defense against bandits and terrorist attacks on local residents
  • However, the chief of defense responded to the governor’s request that the military and other security agencies are doing everything possible to address the insecurity in and around Zamfara.

Nigeria’s military leadership condemned Monday, April 27 June, the governor of Zamfara state calling for residents to carry guns in the wake of increasing terrorist attacks in the state.

Chief of Defense Staff Lucky Irabor while at the mean amen exercise for the National Defense College and War Colleges of the Armed Forces of Niger spoke ia, codenamed“Exercise Grand Nationale”, said armed forces across the country were capable of saving lives and property of the Protecting citizens.

Kicking against Gov. Bello Matawalle’s call for self-defense against bandits and terrorists alike operating in Zamfara state, Irabor said he didn’t understand why a person with such standing would publicly demand that residents be allowed to purchase weapons.

Irabor also stated that it was not his place to speak about the matter and such remarks of the governor are not the right way to address the issue of terrorism and banditry in the state.

His words:

“Of course there are actions that relatives the security authorities and the armed forces, esp Especially the police and other security agencies are doing to address the insecurity in and around Zamfara.

“Other than that, of course, there are other legal issues s, other governance issues, issues the government has with the legal instruments at his disposal to create more peace and security.

“But like I said, I don’t intend to say much, but I believe that the federal government under consultation with the Attorney General will review the details of this press release and issue further instructions.”

Military Activities in Zamfara State

< p class="align-left">Irabor also stated that a governor would not right to direct the police commissioner in his state to issue gun licenses to residents, saying that military and other security agencies only use it as an instrument ent for policy implementation.

He added:

“I believe that what we are doing in Zamfara and of course in all states of the federation , out of respect for the provisions of the Constitution.

“Well, we’re here because we’re there to assist the civil authority, in this case the police.

“We have to not repeating what were the problems that led to the deployment of the military across the country, but then, as I said, we are doing our best to ensure that peace returns to all parts of the country.”

< h2>Zamfara state government urges residents to arm themselves against bandits

Residents in Zamfara state have been asked to apply for gun licenses to defend against bandits in the state .

The order was issued by State Information Commissioner Ibrahim issued Dosara, on behalf of the government.

Zamfara has been the epicenter of banditry by terrorist groups besieging the state for several months.

Dambazau is calling for the purge of Guns and Drugs Among Fulani Youth

Recall that a former Home Secretary, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (reg etired) recently called for an urgent elimination of guns and drugs among the Fulani youth as part of practical solutions to the country’s ugly trend of kidnapping.

Dambazau called out in his paper entitled “Dilemma of the Fulbe pastoralist”

strong> presented at the Pastoralist and Fulani Security Conference in Abuja.

He called for a gun and drug cleanup among young Fulani in the country.

According to him, one of the steps should be to block access to weapons and to eliminate all weapons that are already in circulation in the youth environment of the Fulani shepherds.

Source: Legit.ng