Sep 19, 2021

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Nigerian Military Reacts to Pictures, Videos of Mass Burials in Zamfara

  • The Nigerian Defense Headquarters has confirmed that an intensive military operation against bandits is taking place in the north
  • But Benjamin Sawyerr, the defense spokesman, said some were bloody Images distributed online unrelated to military operations
  • Sawyerr said the troops conduct the operations in accordance with the rules of armed conflict and respect human rights

FCT, Abuja – Defense Headquarters (DHQ) has rejected circulating trending images and videos showing bodies that were in Mass graves were thrown, allegedly bodies of people killed during military operations in Zamfara.

PM News reported that the Defense Director Information, Maj. -Gene. Benjamin Sawyerr, dismissed the pictures and videos in a statement on Sunday September 12th in Abuja.

Sawyer said that a picture titled “Alhamdulillah, Zamfara must be secured “. and several other images and videos are believed to have been of the military operations in the north.

The defense spokesman said the viral photos and videos had no connection whatsoever with operations by Nigerian military forces

Troops Really Conducting Military Operations Against Bandits

Although Sawyer declined the trending photos, he said it was true that troops are currently conducting according to theirs Constitutional role to carry out successful military operations against bandits and kidnappers.

He said the military operations would be conducted in strict compliance with the rules of armed conflict and with respect for basic human rights and dignity, Premium Times also reported.

Sawyerr therefore urged the public to ignore the bloody images.

Nigerians react

< p class = "align-left"> In response to a Kopi In the statement posted on Facebook, Haruna Lawal said:

“I want to be clear:” Bandits have no human rights “and if someone starts shouting human rights abuses they should be locked up and charged as bandits.

“We cannot let people play with our heads while our national security is threatened. May Nigeria defeat its enemies.”

Pius Angbo said:

“We, the masses, are excited about the AFN operations to rid the country of all illegal arms carriers and criminals.

” Our only concern is that no gun groups, bandits, militias and kidnappers are spared because an Oga says “leave the area”. Crime is crime and the consequences should be the same. “

Dabbit Bulus Tanquo said:

” Whether the pictures and videos are bloody or grotesque or how however you describe them doesn’t matter as they were bandits.

“Didn’t you kill innocent people this way? Please no retreat, no surrender. You can even code for total elimination!”

No case of human rights violations by Nigerian troops, informs Secretary of Defense to US diplomats

In another report, Secretary of Defense Bashir Salihi Magashi denied the reported cases of human rights violations directed against the country by the International Community. < / p>

General Magashi denied the allegations when incumbent US Ambassador to Nigeria, Kathleen Fitz Gibbon, paid a visit to the Department of Defense headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, August 19.

In a statement published and signed by his media advisor Mohammad Abdulkadri, Minister Gibbon stated that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari respects national and international laws that prohibit human rights violations.

Nigeria signs military agreement with Russia

In other news, the Nigerian government has signed a military-technical cooperation agreement with the Russian Federation.

A statement released by the Nigerian Navy on Wednesday, August 25, states that the Defense Minister, Major General Magashi, who is on an official visit to Russia, signed on his behalf from Nigeria.