Dec 7, 2022

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Nigerian Troops Regain Control of Waterways Linking Chad, Cameroon –

Nigerian Army troops have regained control of the waterways connecting Chad and Cameroon after several years of Boko Haram domination.

The source told our reporter that the waterways have been opened up to normal commercial transport activities due to the established control of Nigerian troops in the area.

It has been determined that a military intervention group codenamed “Operation Hadin Kain” helped drive out terrorists whose activities were prevalent in that region.

Prior to the recent development, there were a series of joint military operations along the Chad-Cameroon axis.

The source said:

“I can confirm that the Nigerian military is in control of the waterways in Chad, Cameroon Boko H aram was defeated again.

“There was a time when the ISWAP faction aka Khilafa soldiers ruled much of the waters of Lake Chad, but history has now changed. This is because officers and men of OP Hadin Kai are now in control of the Lake Chad waterways covering the borders of Cameroon and Chad.”

Brave troops capture the suspected leader of Boko Haram alive in the Chad region

The MNJTF found that the soldiers were brave enough to respond to a gang attack with the utmost professionalism and bravery.

Moreover, the force said although some of the terrorists escaped in the heat of the Gub battle, one of them, suspected of being their leader, was captured.

Chad : We are strengthening security at our borders, says FG

However, the federal government of Nigeria had given assurances that all hands are on deck to ensure that the Chad crisis does not erupt Nigeria encroaches.

Nigeria’s Defense Minister he Maj Gen Bashir Magashi (RTD) says the government has the situation under control.

Magashi said security has already been tightened in border towns across the country to prevent intrusion to prevent rebel groups in Nigeria.