Nov 29, 2022

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Nigerians React as Three Military Officers Faint at Eagle Square Parade During Democracy Day Parade –

  • About three military officers fainted while taking part in the Democracy Day Parade in Abuja
  • The incident has provoked negative reactions against the Nigerian federal government on social media
  • Some Nigerians who responded blamed the country’s economic situation, while others said the public sector situation was not encouraging

Following reports that three military officers collapsed at the Democracy Day Parade on Monday 12 June in Eagle Square, Abuja Nigerians on social media blamed the federal government for the incident.

The situation occurred after military personnel stood in one spot under the scorching sun for hours.

They were assumed to have succumbed to exhaustion, and e s required the intervention of some security guards and medical workers who rushed to the parade ground with strike cloths and took the collapsed colleagues to the first-aid shed.

However, no injuries were recorded as they were successful were treated and soon regained consciousness.

In response to the incident, Moronkeji Ayo Aromire said:

“You can’t help but faint fall if the national identity (flag) means nothing to them. Stained with the innocent blood of able and armless youths at the orders of the party’s faceless and cruel cabal, they will continue to swoon.”

Awodiran Robert

” That shows how our country’s brave soldiers, ready to give their lives, are treated like slave dogs, why the armed robber politicians, who are to be punished and imprisoned for their plunder and embezzlement, enjoy all their plundered money in the air-conditioning of offices and apartments.”

Cyprian Nwankwo

Imagine how hunger deals with the military .. .think of the impoverished masses. May Buhari never happen to anyone again.”

Nathan Natnan

“Mr. President should know by now that there is a serious problem. When the military personnel becomes weak in the face of adversity.”

James Oche Ogbada

You are part of the predicament in Nigeria today. Bad politicians used them against poor citizens to buy their way into power. Imagine Nigerian professors rigging elections for illiterate people.”

Cliff Mbagwu

“Why won’t they faint. In 2014, one dollar is exchanged for 160 naira. Today, one dollar is exchanged for more than N600. And since this regime came to power in 2015, there have been none Increase in civil servant salaries. This regime is very insensitive to the sufferings of Nigerians. Very detached from the people and very arrogant in failure.”

Prophecy: Unless Atiku rules Nigeria, an Igbo man can never become president , claims the Prophet

Meanwhile, s Says the Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, from the Ministry of Liberation of the King of Kings Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, in Ebonyi State, that he has seen revelations about the upcoming elections in 2023.

The Cleric claimed that on November 15, 2015, God told him in no uncertain terms that nothing could stop Atiku Abubakar from becoming President of Nigeria. He said that the Atiku presidency would pave the way for the Igbo presidency.

The cleric said in a statement provided to

“If Atiku does not rule Nigeria, an Igbo man can never become President. What you are seeing now is a fulfillment of the Word of God. The outcome of the PDP primary elections is God’s prophecy being fulfilled. Spiritually area, God has ordained Atiku as President of Nigeria since 2015 to rule and govern Nigeria and improve people’s lives.