Aug 9, 2022

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Nnamdi Kanu: Southeast Elders Makes Another Tough Request To Buhari –

  • Ohanaeze Ndigbo appeals to President Muhammadu Buhari to show compassion for Nnamdi Knau
  • The southeastern organization has confirmed the fact already mentioned by the president that it is a judicial process
  • However, the group asked the President to use his power to exercise the prerogative of mercy and end the case

The leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to show mercy on the matter of Nnamdi Kanu.

The President General of the Southeast Group, Prof. George Obiozor, admitted that President Buhari was right to say the issue was already on trial, The Nation reports.

However, Obiozor stated that Buhari can exercise his prerogative of mercy as president, although that is due to the case Judiciary is independent.

He pleaded Buha. an ri, regarding the IPOB leader as a son and citizen, adding that the banned group did not speak for the Igbos.

However, Obiozor argued that the anger of the IPOB an accumulated feeling of injustice inflicted on the region.

His words:

“We are calling for something other than justice and we are calling for it to respect his prerogative of mercy, which is his own prerogative.

“Also the idea of ​​treating him as a son and citizen with compassion, being considerate and compassionate.

” Take it from me and it’s the right statement: IPOB doesn’t speak for Igbo and that’s the truth.

“To be honest, IPOB anger is an accumulated anger based on perceived or real injustice against Ndigbo for so long. “

President Buhari speaks about the release of Nnamd i Kanu and sends a strong message to the IPOB leader

Meanwhile, President Buhari said that Kanu should defend himself in court for spreading false information about his government while abroad

The President said this in an interview on Wednesday evening, January 5th.

He spoke again on Wednesday to this topic. President Buhari reiterated that he did not want to interfere in the judiciary.

He said:

“There is an institution in which I do not interfere would, namely the judiciary, Kanu’s case is in the judiciary, but what? I wonder when Kanu was safe in Europe, abusing this government and mentioning too many things, I thought he would like to come and defend himself on the allegations. ”