Nov 29, 2022

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‘No Going Back’: Fearless Matawalle Insists Residents Must Acquire Arms in Self-Defence –

  • Zamfara State Governor Bello Matawalle has downplayed criticism of him by suggesting that residents of the state should carry weapons in self-defense
  • Governor Bello, unwilling to lower his guard, said the trial is continuing as he is fired to end banditry in the state’s trials to help determine how residents can obtain their own ammunition

Zamfara, Gusau – Governor Bello Matawalle has repeated his stance on attempting to stop the carrying of weapons by Zamfara residents in self-defense against imminent bandit or terrorist attacks.

As reported by the Nation newspaper, on Tuesday, June 28, the governor intensified the process of acquisition of weapons by residents by the Establishment of four committees for monitoring ng and implementation of the process of carrying arms by the residents.

Military related measures on the Matawalla Declaration

The Matawalla Declaration did not go down well with the military and stated that it was able to protect the life and property of the residents of Zamfara.

Meanwhile, Governor Matewalle has part of his commitment to the end of the banditry and issued 20 new Toyota Hilux vans and 1,500 motorcycles for members to start operations.

He stated that he would do whatever is necessary to uphold the oaths , which the government has vowed to protect citizens’ lives and property.

He said:

“We are aware of the concerns expressed in some quarters aware of the new measures, in particular the decision to invite members of the communities that almost daily We encourage those who suffer from the inhumane attacks of the bandits to acquire firearms to defend their communities.”

Governor Matawall further assured that the acqui gun ownership by local residents will be strict monitored and regulated by the Nigeria Firearms Act.

Akeredolu supports Matawall in self-defense against bandits, reiterates State Police stance

Meanwhile, the governor of the Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, commended Governor Bello Matawalle for wanting to legalize the carrying of weapons by Zamfara residents for self-defense.

However, he has stated that these are the only shortcomings the approval of the federal government, which is likely to halt the process.

However, Akeredolu reiterated his stance on the need for Nigeria to have a state police force.

Weapons chein: Police chief slams prominent North governor, says gun ban still in effect

In contrast, reported that Zamfara State Police Commissioner Ayuba Elkana , has said the arms embargo is still in effect.

Elkana said he was unaware of the directive from the state’s governor, Bello Matawalle, in which he called for gun licenses to be issued to legitimate and interested citizens for self-defense.

The State Commissioner for Information said in a statement on Sunday June 26 that the government has instructed residents to use guns against Prepare and procure bandits.