Sep 21, 2021

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Northern Group Begs Buhari for Pardon as Prominent Former Governor Serves 10-Year Jail Sentence

  • A group from the north identified as a movement for a new Arewa seeks a presidential pardon for Joshua Dariye
  • Dariye, A prominent politician and former Plateau state governor is serving a 10-year prison sentence for corruption
  • However, the group said President Buhari should pardon Dariye so that he can join the peace process in the

Kaduna, Kaduna State – The movement for a new Arewa, a northern coalition group, has president Muhammadu Buhari pardons former Plateau State Governor Joshua Dariye, who is serving a 10-year prison sentence for corruption.

PM News reported that the The group appealed in a press release from its National President Abdulkareem Bayero and the National Secretary Abdulahi Mus a in Kaduna.

The group claimed that Dariye like the one will be released from prison if the north should return to its former glory and join the peace process, also reported The Punch .

The explanation read:

“Peace can only be achieved if the broken and burned bridges, friendship, the fraternity and healing process of all injured, injured and injured people among the various ethnic nationalities such as Hausa Fulani, Tiv, Birom Gbagyi and others, come together at a round table to discuss the way forward and a lasting solution to the prevailing uncertainty that had destroyed the north.

“We must strive by all means to promote and forge unity and peace in order to achieve a united north and thus a united Nigerian people.”

Dariye has been in jail since the inauguration of the current administration.

In March, the Supreme Court upheld its conviction for criminally violating the t Rost, who was a 10- year imprisonment.

Nigerians respond

Gbadebo Awoyale Awo G commented on Facebook:

“They have started for to advertise his release. I think they will finally succeed. This is Nigeria for us. “

Nathaniel Umar said:

” This is how we legitimize crime. Our leaders, who have no compassion for the masses, steal from the masses, and when justice is done to them we bring out our compassion bags to beg them. How should others learn from them? “

Itamakinde Akinyele said:

” Does he have the power to set him free? If so, for what reason? “

Evangelist Donatus Nwagboroogunagha Emmanuel said:

” A man who ransacked the state treasury of Plateau State, was indicted and was convicted up to the Supreme Court asking for pardon.

“What a people! How many Nigerians are in jail for minor offenses and nobody cares about them? Although I never liked Buhari’s government, I am sure that he will not agree to such a motion . ”

Two former INEC officials jailed

In another report, the Buhari government scored another victory in its anti-corruption campaign after convicting two people former employee of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The officers were brought before the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin from the District Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Lagos Charged seven cases bordering on criminal embezzlement and breach of trust while employed by INEC. Wilson Uwujaren, a commission spokesman, said in a statement on Tuesday July 6th that convicts Christian Nwosu and Tijani Inda Bashir decided to speak with the public prosecutor during the trial because of the overwhelming evidence against them.