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NYSC DG Ibrahim Must Know That Reward For Hard Work is More Work By Amos Akintunde –

Editor’s note: Amos Akintunde, a public affairs analyst for this article, examines the activities and leadership style of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) , Shuiabu Ibrahim and the importance of the newly established Corps’ trust fund account of the Corps among many others.

“The prize for success is hard work, commitment to the workplace and determination. Whether we win or lose, we did our best for the task at hand.” Vince Lombardi

The above quote aptly describes the actions of Maj. Gen. Shuiabu Ibrahim, director general of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Much could be had about them recent innovations at NYSC. However, this man, who has shown an unconditional commitment to the service of the country, does not get enough recognition.

He has exemplified hard work and dedication Bringing his experience as a scholar and administrator, no wonder he was able to implement guidelines that made the NYSC a viable institution to carry out its mission.

I remember when he took over the management of the plan, n Not many knew much about him, and they thought it would go on as always. Little did they know that the NYSC was about to become a hub for the realization of dreams for our teeming youth.

Under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, it could NYSC put in place a mechanism that drastically reduced the number of fake results. We all know that the problem of students presenting bogus results has been almost a pandemic. It was so widespread that it caused the country phenomenal embarrassment.

We were treated to stories about our supposed corporate members who couldn’t write a proper grammatical sentence. Some didn’t even know what the NYSC meant. It was that bad.

Today that is history as strict measures have been put in place to ensure that people with falsified results or unqualified individuals are not accepted into the NYSC program . Instead, we are peppered with innovations from corporate members in the direction of nation-building.

Another critical aspect of Major General Shuaibu Ibrahim’s leadership that I would like to highlight, among other things, is the role of Corporate members in the election process in Nigeria.

A clear example was the recent gubernatorial elections in the state of Anambra. It is on record that the state board of directors was physically present in the state and toured almost every area of ​​the local government to inspect the behavior of corporate members.

He wasn’t just inspecting their activities, man could also see a connection between the group members and the executive board. This bond has the appearance of a father-son-daughter relationship. That is the mood in the NYSC today, where corp members see the DG not as a DG, but as a role model.

Every corp member shares his passion for work which has increased the productivity of the corp members in their various main tasks.

The employees of the system are not neglected either. They would like to tell you that it has been a new morning at the NYSC since Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim arrived.

Some put this down to his previous job as a junior officer as a military assistant at a former DG. And it was easy for him to understand the issues that needed to be addressed in order to reposition the NYSC.

My summary from Maj. Gen. Shuiabu Ibrahim is when intelligence hits hard Work meets. Some may not know that in addition to the rank of Major General, the DG is also Professor of Military History.

At one point in his brilliant career, he headed the Department of History and War Studies the Nigerian Defense Academy.

He was also the pioneering registrar of the Nigerian Army University Bui in Borno State, where he laid a solid foundation for the university’s smooth start. And to this day, his recordings at the Nigerian Defense Academy and Nigerian Army University are undisputed.

Maj. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim is also evidence that the country with his recent appointment as Maj hard work recognizes and rewards. It is illuminating to mention that he was Brigadier General when he returned to NYSC.

And the appointment to the prestigious rank came as no surprise to many, those with his style as a scholar and administrators by excellence are trusted and what others don’t see, and who think outside the box when solving problems.

A good example is the proposed NYSC trust fund, which was recently passed first reading in the Federal House of Representatives.

In order to quash the idea for the NYSC Trust Fund, it was determined that the goal was to ensure that corporate members had the Get the funding they need to turn their business ideas into reality.

In my opinion, the NYSC Trust Fund is not about corporate members; it’s about the teeming youth in the country. All in all, the NYSC Trust Fund would prove to be an important vehicle to combat youth unemployment in the country.

If we have to admit, youth unemployment remains an issue, all of that Necessary requires attention it deserves. And here we have a man looking beyond what the NYSC has in mind for the hundreds of thousands of teenagers who go through the program annually to reflect on how they can fulfill their potential beyond their service year.

People like Major General Shuiabu Ibrahim are exemplary in their behavior, hence the carnival-like atmosphere when the news leaked that the DG was awarded the rank of Major General.

The mood in the various NYSC offices across the country was electrifying. Co-workers and corporation members rejoiced and sang his praises to heaven.

The display of love by everyone and everyone is a sign that merit and hard work are, in fact, not a religion or a tribe to have. It is a friend to everyone.

For Maj. Gen. Shuiabu Ibrahim, the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job and determination that we win or lose, we have ours Best used for the task at hand. I salute this extraordinary Nigerian who has redefined leadership. Congratulations Major General sir! May this new rank bring you more work.

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