Dec 9, 2021

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OAU Student Murder: NANS Cries Out, says Hilton Hotel Owner Enjoys Preferential Treatment in Police Custody

  • The National Association of Nigerian Students has expressed deep concern about the treatment of the owner of Hilton’s hotels in police custody
  • The association has reportedly announced that Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, the hotel owner, is getting special treatment from the Force
  • Following this new revelation, the association went on to state that a recently leaked audio recording suggests he is fine, relaxed < / strong>

Osun State – The National Association of Nigerian Students has claimed that the owner of Hiltons Hotels and Resorts, Dr . Rahman Adedoyin enjoys preferential treatment in the custody of Osun State Police Command.

The Punch reports that the country’s top student association responded to a recently released audio recording posted by Adedoyin on the police network showed that he is being granted luxury.

In a In a statement released on Tuesday, November 23, NANS issued a warning to everyone involved in the investigation that the association will stop at nothing to expose and combat anyone, regardless of social class or status, and seeks to pervert the cause of investigation or justice to the death of the student.

The statement signed by NANS President Sunday Asefon was entitled” Timothy Adegoke Murder: NANS calls for transparency and justice, no matter how high-ranking the perpetrators are.

The statement reads in part:

“We also disapprove of the audio recordings that are being made in which a prime suspect of the murder, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hilton Hotel, Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, seems to deny his involvement in the murder.

“We abuse the luxury that Dr. Rahman Adedoyin has been granted access to his phone to record video and share it with a police force while the Nigerians are in custody. We believe that this luxury is exclusive and could not be granted to a murder suspect from a lower social class.

“Given the enormous material evidence against the suspect, the staff and the management of the Hilton Hotel, we advise law enforcement agencies to do so must resist any temptation to give the suspect preferential treatment or the leverage of a third party, which could pervert the cause of the judiciary. “

Asefon also said that he has a three-man NANS committee to follow up the investigation into the Adegoke death and to update the Secretariat in real time.

The statement has been added:

“Our prayers, our condolences and solidarity go to the family who survived this difficult time. We pray that God will give them righteousness that will serve as the basis for their healing. ”

In the meantime, the Osun State Police Department has announced that it will be examining the release of an audio recording made by the main suspect.

The police are investigating who killed the missing avant-garde reporter Tordue Salem

According to the authorities, the journalist was killed by a blow . and-run driver identified as Itoro Clement.

CP Frank Mba, the Force spokesman, confirmed the development on Friday, November 12th.