Oct 23, 2021

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Obaseki Opens Up On His Meeting With Buhari, Shares Crucial Details

  • Governor Godwin Obaseki recently visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the Abuja mansion on Wednesday October 13th
  • The Governor of Edo State details on the talks he had with President Buhari and the Edo State position on open grazing
  • Obaseki claimed that the National Livestock Transformation Program was the fight between farmers and herders in the country

FCT, Abuja – Governor Godwin Obaseki of the state of Edo has called for the full implementation of the National Livestock Transformation Program (NLTP) to solve the problem of clashes between farmers and shepherds.

Premium Times reported that the governor made the call when he was behind closed doors after a meeting Addressed with the correspondents of the State House President Muhammad adu Buhari on Wednesday October 13th at the presidential villa in Abuja

Obasek I said the Edo people decided that ranching was a private business and should be treated as such .

He said:

“Our people say that. For them, ranching is a private business like any other agricultural business, so those involved should use the land Provide.

“As you already know, running and managing ranches is expensive. So I came to discuss with the President that the people in Edo would rather invest privately.

“It should also help the people in Edo benefit from the funds that are now available for people Who want to get into the cattle business and invest in ranches and other similar ranching programs. “

According to Obaseki, the state government has yet to pass a law banning open grazing because it sees the company as a private company, as a report by PM News shows.

He asked:

“As you know, they have Most southern states have open grazing laws, but Edo state does not. Because we want to make sure that all the laws we make are laws we can enforce.

“Now if we ask that we now have ranches and that these cows be restricted to certain areas like ranches should who? does the country deliver? ”

2023: The Deputy Governor of Edo talks about a rumored apostasy plan

When on Monday the 13th he disagreed between him and the governor and reaffirmed his full loyalty to Obaseki.

However, the deputy governor, who said there were still problems to be resolved in the PDP, did not categorically announce whether he would leave the party or not.