Dec 9, 2021

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Obi Cubana: Family of Deceased Lady Breaks Silence, Raises 3 Critical Issues

The family of the late Susan Oleghe broke their silence over the death of their daughter and sister, which took place on Sunday November 14th at the Hustle and Bustle a Club of Obi Cubana , a famous celebrity from the southeast of the country.

To break the record after some pretty misleading reports that have already gone viral in some online media outfits, To rectify, the bereaved family released a statement through one of their members, Lamar Oleghe, which was seen by the Nigerian Tribune.

Lamar in the statement and thanked the public for their previous statement immense support. recommended respecting the family’s privacy.

He addressed the following key questions in the declaration:

“1. The family still has to make a decision on how to proceed as they are still mourning the death of the deceased.

“2. It is more than callous and reprehensible to upload the pictures and names of the deceased without the consent of their family members. This is highly unacceptable.

“3. The continued dissemination of the watered down and abridged versions of the events that led to the death of the deceased and the aftermath of their tragic death failed to capture the extent and essence of this truly unfortunate debacle.

“Given the magnitude of ours unbearable loss and the weight of the problem. We are discussing the necessary steps and measures in memory of our beloved daughter and sister, the relevant authorities have the matter under control and so are we. If a solution is found, we will communicate our decision to the public.

“Once again respect the privacy of the family and let us mourn and mourn the loss of our loved ones in peace. Thank you.”

First EFCC barbecue, now autopsy report: Obi Cubana in serious police problems, Abuja Club closed

Do you remember the death of v on Susan had generated reactions online. The victim, who visited the club on Saturday.

A friend of Susan’s brother reported the incident on social media, stating that the club’s management did not take the victim to the hospital I reported the tragedy to the police.

According to this source, when asked about the video footage, the club’s employees said only the manager who was at the time of the interrogation had access to it.