Sep 25, 2022

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Okada Ban: Full List Of Nigerian States That Prohibit Commercial Motorcycles –

The Lagos State Governor led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu started the prohibited routes and LGAs on Wednesday 1.

The Sanwo-Olu-led government has kicked out the use of Okada, the commercial city of excellence, based on records and reports of threats bordering on insecurity, danger and accidents related to the means of transportation.

But Lagos isn’t the only Nigerian state to have banned okada; a number of other states shared the same concerns and had made a similar decision in some identified areas.

Here is a list of states that have enacted and enforced the same ban and the year of the Enforcement:


In 2008, under former governor Rotimi Amaechi, the Rivers state government banned Okada from using to unleash terror, particularly in Port Harcourt, the state capital.


In 2017, the Kano State Department of Transportation announced a ban on the Use of commercial motorcycles.

By this time, the Boko Haram attacks were at their height and the government thought it wise to restrict the movement of these armed criminals with the ban.< /p>

Akwa Ibom

To kickstart his government’s urban regeneration policy in Uyo, former governor Godswill banned Akpabio from using Okada in 2011.

And to encourage motorcyclists, Akpabio promised, N50. 000 per okada to improve their living conditions.

FCT, Abuja

In 2018, the FCT administration found that the Abuja master Operation of commercial motorcycles and tricycles not permitted. and imposed a ban on them.


The Enugu state government announced a ban on Okada in 2011, claiming the decision was made in unison with its Traffic Law (137) of 2004.


In an announcement that went into effect immediately, former governor Mukhtar Yero banned in 2014 commercial advertising bicycles.

The then-governor signed the Kaduna State Commercial Motorcycles Prohibition Law to address deteriorating safety conditions under the administration to provide legal backing to the ordinance.

Okada ban: Lagos loses N4 billion daily to snarl of traffic as security forces crack down on drivers

Meanwhile, Lagos state residents arrived to the reality of the new directives by the state government against motorcycling he, commonly called Okada, to crack down analysts had assessed the loss to be incurred by the state government at N4 billion.

The state government was in a constant battle with the drivers of the state for their unruly behavior and apparent disregard for traffic rules and other offences.

The beginning of the end?

In February 2020, the state government imposed a blanket ban on okada and tricycle operators in 18 local government areas across the state, citing insecurity and other reasons for the ban.