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Okada Ban: List of Motorbikes Allowed to Ply Lagos Roads –

  • The Lagos State Government has reiterated its stance on the full restriction of Okada drivers in 6LGAs and 9LCDAs
  • To clarify the order, the Lagos State Police Commissioner Abiodun Alabi said this does not apply to all motorcycles. strong>

Lagos State Police Command provided further clarification on Thursday May 19th regarding the recent ban on Okada drivers.

< p class="align-left">As reported by the Guardian newspaper, all commercial motorcycles continue to be banned from operating in the designated areas, as per the Lagos State Government’s statement on Wednesday May 18th.

However, State Police Commissioner Abiodun Alabi has clarified that only motorcycles operating as courier services, power bikes and other motorcycles operating for other private purposes are allowed on the roads in these affected areas.

It is said that enforcement of this ban on Wednesday, 1 The Police Task Force is required to seize and confiscate any violation of the state government order arrested.

List of Moto exempted from the Okada ban rräder

Courier Services

Using couriers for delivery has become a prevalent and fastest means to deliver parcels, parcels and other items in Lagos .

Many logistics companies, restaurants, grocers and other service-oriented businesses use couriers to deliver goods and services to their respective customers.

Couriers have gradually become a mainstay in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria as it has helped to effectively support mobility and overcome the delay barriers caused by the ubiquitous Lagos traffic.


If you love racing with your Power bikes on the Lagos highway, come on, the Okada ban has nothing to do with you.

Lagos State Police on Thursday 19 vehemently stressed that the state only has problems with commercial motorcycles.

Motorcycles for other private use

There is no question that some people own a motorcycle for private use possess personal mobility and personal use.

Lagos State Police Commissioner Abiodun Alabi stated in an interview with members of the press that private bicycle owners can ride on the streets of Lagos.

Regarding police officers and other security personnel dealing with i When reporting their personal bikes to the office, he said they must always wear their uniforms for identification.

He said:

“The other officers, who are Okada owners must be uniformed personnel going to their various workplaces.”

List of 6 LGAs, 9 LCDAs where okada is no longer allowed to operate in Lagos

According to a statement from the state government, six LGAs and nine LCDAs are now affected by the ban.

Effective June 1, 2022, the governor ordered security forces to enforce the ban order in the listed councils.

The full list includes: Apapa, Iganmu LCDA, Ikeja, Ojodu LCDA, Onigbongbo LCDA, Lagos Island, Lagos Island West LCDA, Lagos Island East LCDA, Lagos Mainland, Yaba LCDA, Surulere, Coker Aguda LCDA and Itire-Ikate LCDA.