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Okpokwu Killing: I Never Backed Herdsmen Against My People, Senator Moro Cries Out – Legit.ng

  • A ninth Senate lawmaker has denied turning his people against some alleged “murderer” herdsmen in Benue state
  • Senator Abba Moro said, the only justice for the people of Okpokwu County is the arrest of the attackers who killed several people in the community
  • According to Moro, residents of his Senate District cannot continue to live in fear and the At the mercy of their attackers

Benue South Senator Abba Moro described the attack on the Igama community: in Okpokwu LGA, resulting in the killing of many, was considered unacceptable.

Moro also called on the relevant security authorities to ensure that the killers and all those involved in the attack were secured and arrested , said the people of Benue State couldn’t handle these attackers be more at the mercy.

During a visit to the displaced residents of Okpokwu commune temporarily camped in Ojapo, lawmakers said nothing other than the arrest and prosecution of the criminals, who he felt had no value in human life would be accepted.

Some gunmen suspected of being shepherds had launched attacks on the Igama community and over 11 people killed.

Many others were reportedly still missing after the attack by the alleged shepherds.

Residents were advised never to hold the law in their hands

Moro had warned his relatives, especially the youth, against taking laws in their hands, a statement Eche-Ofun said was misconstrued by some enemies of the Senate district .

The statement read in part:

“The attention of the Senator representing the Benue South Senate district, Comrade Abba Moro, was drawn to a distorted narrative given to a video in which he was seen speaking to his relatives in colloquial language.

“The senator, while visiting communities in Okpokwu LGA affected by the recent attack by marauding herders, reached out to his constituents to identify with the people.”

“In the video, he was seen telling community elders to stop their children from taking laws into their hands by ‘touching Fulani herdsmen or their property under any pretext to justify an attack.’ ‘, advice justifying this has been taken out of context and misinterpreted by troublemakers as ‘defending’ the killer herdsmen.”

Eche-Ofun added, that d he office of the legislature would have ignored the malicious misinterpretation of Moro’s comment, but this disclaimer has become necessary to rectify the record and lie that purveyors of untruth seek to achieve.

He confirmed that at no point during his visit did the legislature defend the murderous shepherds against their own people.

He noted that Moro was only so tormented by the wanton destruction of the life and property of his people and what possibly necessitated the ill-fated attack.

According to Eche-Ofun, Moro was the first person to strongly condemn the attack and urging the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators, alarmed and emotional at the extent of the destruction.

His words:

“For the record, Senator Moro is since the incident on guard Sunday to ease the pain of those affected and displaced and to strengthen security.

“A motion was tabled in the Senate on Wednesday to brief the Senate on the security situation in Benue South and urgently intervene .”

< blockquote>“A man who supports murderers of his people, or justifies their barbaric acts by peddling enemies, will not go so far.”

He continued to urge interest groups in the Senate district, regardless of partisan and ideological differences, to join hands and end the threat of killer herders in the state.

Governor Ortom meets a British parliamentary delegation, reports Buhari, FG

< p class="align-left">UK Members of Parliament had been urged to urge the Nigerian government to end the incessant killi ngs of herdsmen in Benue State.

The call was made by the state Governor Samuel Ortom when a delegation from Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital Territory, was visiting him.

Ortom informed the delegation that in order for such killings and evictions of residents to end, the Nigerian government must properly address the issue without religious or ethnic bias.

Governor Ortom breathes fire and says decisive action will be taken against invaders in Benue. p>

Ortom said the state government would not tolerate any further attacks or invasions by herders against residents of Benue.

According to the governor , were over 20 people killed in attacks by shepherds in Benue state in the last two weeks.

Source: Legit.ng