Oct 18, 2021

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One million Nigerians added to voter register as INEC suspends CVR —

The number of new online pre-registrants is 3,165,189, while 1,457,766 have requested a voter transfer, replacement of permanent voter cards (PVCs) and an update of the information record.

National Commissioner and Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee Festus Okoye announced this in a statement announcing the end of the first quarter of Continuous Voter Registration (CVR).

He said teenagers between 18 and 34 made up the majority, with 771,770 (71.33 percent) had completed the registration.

In terms of occupation, students participated in their education. the largest category 439,608 (40.63 percent). In terms of the gender distribution, 555,872 (51.38 percent) were male and 526,075 (48.62 percent) female.

He said the second quarter of the exercise would begin October 4, 2021 and December 20, 2021

He said: “As in Section 19 (1) of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended), the Commission is mandated to keep the electoral roll for a period of at least five days and a maximum of 14 days for public scrutiny while citizens can submit claims and objections.

“From September 24th to 30th, 2021, the new voter register will be displayed in the municipal offices of the Commission nationwide in accordance with the law.

” Goal is to allow citizens to participate in the commission by identifying ineligible registrants on the list before cleaning the register, before adding the new registrants to the current register and printing their PVCs for future elections. “

Okoy e noted that foreigners and Nigerians are under the age of 18. He also urged people to help the commission identify multiple registries of nts and deceased so that they can be removed from the register.

Also, INEC has online pre-registration and in-person voter registration across the state Lagos suspended.

The suspension is intended to give all registrants the space to review the adequacy of the information provided. It said the hiring would give its officials the opportunity to begin necessary household chores in preparation for the next quarter.

A statement from the Voter Education / Public Relations department head for Lagos, Femi., Said yesterday Akinbiyi, INEC, said the online pre-registration and in-person registration exercise began on June 28, 2021 and July 26, 2021.

The break is also intended to allow voters and Nigerians to raise objections (if all) via names that should not be included in the register, such as B. Dead people, foreigners and Nigerians under the age of 18.

“Names of registrants will be displayed to the public at the local government INEC offices in all 20 local counties of the state during the days allotted for the exercise,” said INEC.

Part of the statement reads: “INEC in Lagos State will suspend online voter pre-registration, which began June 28, 2021, and in-person registration on Tuesday 21st, 2021 Began July 26, 2021 and then begin displaying the electoral roll for claims and appeals.

“Exercise based on the approved schedules and schedule begins September 24 and ends September 30, 2021. The temporary Blocking the CVR is intended to give all registrants space to review the adequacy or invalidity of the information provided during registration. “