Jun 22, 2021

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Parents of Abducted Kaduna Students Take Important Step as Bandits Refuse to Release Victims

– The parents of the kidnapped students at the College of Forestry Mechanization in Afaka, Kaduna, have protested.

– The parents marched to the National Assembly in Abuja to file their complaints with the federal legislature on Tuesday 4th May.

– The Kaduna State government and FG are accused of not doing enough to ensure the release of the students.

Parents of kidnapped students at the College of Forestry Mechanization. Afaka, Kaduna state, held a protest at the National Assembly complex in Abuja on Tuesday May 4th.

The protesters registered their complaints about what they consider negligence on the part of the state designated and federal governments in securing the release of their children, reported Channels TV .

The parents who members of the Student Union government sang to the institution as they marched to the National Assembly.

The demonstrators had previously gathered at the unity well before going to the National Assembly complex.

However, the main entrance to the National Assembly was manned by security officials who refused entry to the protesters, The Nation also reported.

Ten of the students were in two groups of five released, but 29 more remained in captivity.

Nigerians react

, commented Lincoln Dick Facebook:

“President Buhari. This is #OneNigeria, for whose protection you have taken an oath of office. Oh, the sorrow, pain and agony that you have inflicted on this nation.

“Please focus on the root cause of the nation’s unrest in each region in order to offer a permanent solution to this threat.”

Odafe Joseph

“Governor Nasiru El-Rufai shouldn’t be too indomitable and think about the lives at stake here. He should pay the ransom and get the innocent children out Prisoner # 100m is too small compared to what they are wasting on election campaigns.

“After all, they started the whole game and knew what to do about these insecurities (Banditry, kidnapping and others) curb evil deeds) but everyone pretends not to be in this country. El-Rufai should do what is necessary and stop politicizing innocent lives. This is utter malice towards humanity. “

Victor Shishe said:

” This WET is toothless, nothing will come out of the protest. The demonstrators can even be described as terrorists. Let her go home and lick her wound. This is the result of bad government and a failed state. APC —— Change. Indeed, something has changed. “

In another worrying development, the bandits who kidnapped some students from a private university in Kaduna have threatened to kill the 17 remaining in their care if their claims were not met. They had previously killed five of their victims.

The criminals are demanding a ransom of N 100 million and 10 Honda motorcycles of the brand.