Oct 21, 2021

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Performance Review: Buhari Sends Strong Warning to Ministers, Permanent Secretaries

  • Ministers of various ministries were warned by President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday 11 October
  • Ministers were asked to ensure that they take their jobs seriously to help the government keep its promise to Nigerians
  • According to the president, he would attend the ministers’ mid-term review to keep track of everyone To keep ministries and agencies reached so far

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari met on Monday, October 11th, the ministers of his cabinet and the permanent secretaries the Riot Act read out across all ministries.

Punch reports that the President urged officials to take questions of the implementation of their mandates and responsibilities seriously.

The President said it was important for officials to know that it is currently igen administration would help take its professional responsibilities seriously. stration achieves its vision and promises to Nigerians.

Measuring progress assessment for ministries and agencies

This was said by the President at the two-day mid-term ministerial performance review organized to assess the progress of the government led by President Buhari.

The President’s Special Advisor on Media and Public Relations, Femi Adesina, in a statement issued on. On his Facebook page, it is said that Buhari gave the address when he presented the performance management system for the President’s priorities.

Track ministries and civil servants’ successes

He said the system has been in effect since January 2020 and offers the administration the ability to follow projects in real time with live data.

Adesina said The President also promised to hold all meetings to hear the cumulative assessment of the performance of his cabinet and ministries ie the last two years.

Adesina said:

< blockquote> “Likewise, the President would take part in discussions about the best approach and strategies for implementing planned guidelines and programs and projects that can significantly turn the economy away from its dependence on oil revenues while at the same time maintaining the current economic growth path Buhari was quoted as saying. “

Mention of the projects, the President said that the 11.9 km long Niger Bridge and the 120 km long Lagos-Ibadan expressway were before the To be completed by the end of his term

He also said that his administration has done a lot since taking office in the areas of infrastructure development, transportation, electricity and the petroleum industry.

There was also an earlier reference to the possibility of major upheaval among his cabinet members the administration led by President Buhari.

The head of civil society rvice des Association told Folasade Yemi-Esan that the president had already approved the transfer of five permanent secretaries.

Yemi-Esan said the said transfer of permanent secretaries would take place immediately .