Jun 15, 2021

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Plateau, Kano, Abia residents pay highest for petrol in April: NBS

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), residents of the states of Plateau, Kano, and Abia paid the highest amount of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), popularly known as gasoline, in April.

The NBS said so in its “Premium Motor Spirit (Gasoline) Price Watch for April 2021” posted on its website in Abuja on Wednesday.

It was said that the residents of the plateau N178,14 paid for the product while residents of Kano paid N177 and residents of Abia paid N175.92.

However, residents of Borno paid N152.30, Katsina N156.60 and Gombe N157.11 paid in March lowest average price for gasoline.

According to For the NBS, the average price paid by consumers for gasoline rose by 27.16 percent compared to the previous year and fell by -3.65 percent to 166.38 N im compared to the previous month April returned from 172.68 N in March.

Similarly, the average price that consumers pay for LPG oil, also known as diesel, rose 0.76 percent from the previous month and 5.84 percent from the previous year to N237.19 im April from N235.41 in M. arch.

According to the report, the states with the highest average price for Diesel were Benue, whose residents paid N264.75, Borno N255.43 and Ebonyi N252.50.

It The residents of Anambra at N211.92, Kogi at N215 and Jigawa at N217.93 paid the lowest average price for diesel in April.

The field work for the report was solely by more than 700 NBS employees carried out in all states backed by regulatory agencies overseen by internal and external observers.

Fuel prices were collected in all 774 local government areas (LGAs) in the country as well as the FCT from above 10,000 Respondents and locations.

The price reflected the reflected the actual prices at which households bought fuel, along with the reports reportedly sold by the fuel suppliers.

The average of all prices was then given for each state and the average for that country was the Average for the state.