Mar 22, 2023

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Police Release Numbers To Call if Your Are Being Harassed by Officers on the Road –

Nigerian police have urged travelers and commuters to seek help if they are being harassed by their officers. This was announced in a tweet by Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, acting PRO of the force.

In the tweet, Adejobi wrote:

” They’ve been told, but mind you, you’re expected to meet dissenters on the road who are opportunists, hence the advice to seek help.”

Remind Remember that many Nigerians have complained about the terrible behavior of the police on the street.

Here are the numbers:

Compliant Response unit






Monitoring unit





Public Compliant Bureau


< p class="align-left">Social Media Unit

< p class="align-left">08088450152

Meanwhile, the tweet from the police spokesman has provoked mixed reactions on social media.

Here are reactions from Nigerians

Favour Nzubechi

“They blackmailed me in Owerri on Akachi Road about my tinted window. My tinted driver’s license is intact, my papers are complete, all vehicle papers are complete, they even threatened to shoot me and my brother if they wouldn’t let us use the phone.”


“Nigerian police will threaten to kill you, they wouldn’t even allow you access to your phone. As I have said before and will say again and again:

“If the Nigerian police really want to fish out these bad guys, they would send undercover agents into the streets”,

Enai Oko

“Oga PRO disguises himself and goes on a road trip from Port Harcourt to Aba or any main road in the South East. You will find many dissenters. You can get first hand information! “

Destiny Prescott

“Nothing’s gonna stop this whole thing…if you guys hire bad guys to be cops, who won’t even let you use your phones.

Chukwuebuka Chiemeka

What a Sergeant Okoro and his squad in and around Festac is so disheartening. Searching people’s phones. Their human rights abuse is out of this world.

Planned police pro test: IGP heads to Ogun and meets with affected officers

Meanwhile, following rumors and threats that Nigerian police officers are waging a labor dispute over poor salaries, benefits and the Lacking sophisticated crime-fighting weapons plans, the Inspector General of Police met with personnel.

The IGP was at the Ogun State Police Command on Tuesday, March 22 at to reassure younger officers and discourage them from going on strike.

Sources said the IGP will meet with other police officers across the country over the threat of staff going on strike.