Dec 8, 2021

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Polytechnic teachers vow to sustain industrial action

The polytechnicians on strike have vowed to maintain current action while negotiations with the federal government continue.

Anderson Ezeibe, President of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP), speaking yesterday on the state of the Abuja strike, said he was disappointed with the government’s position in resolving industrial disagreements.

He said: “While we hold our position in the trenches of this ongoing engagement (until such time as our union bodies deem it appropriate), we will maintain our current engagements with the government, particularly in promoting and defining the Win engagements on April 6-14, 2021. Details of this will also be disclosed to the public in due course. “

Commenting on the recent appointments of some principals, Ezeibe claimed that most of the appointed individuals were not qualified for the position.

“Our union is disappointed and indeed contradicts the recent nomination of unskilled individuals as Rectors in five of the country’s six new federal colleges. We are still amazed at the government’s hollow response in defense of this illegality, “he said.

He stressed that ASUP considered the appointments illegal and argued that the beneficiaries met the pre-qualification criteria for such an appointment Appointment as required by law and therefore does not qualify for the post of rector of a federal polytechnic in the country.

The ASUP president said the union was determined to turn its opposition to the appointments into a logical conclusion for the benefit of the Sector, the nation and in favor of the rule of law.

He insisted that the ongoing strike was aimed at bringing the government’s attention to the deplorable state of public colleges and mono-technology to reverse the fate of institutions and to put them on a strong pedestal to fulfill their obligations to the Nigerian people.

He insisted that the strike had experienced a high level of compliance in the US chapters. Ezeibe suggested that the meetings that were held with the government on the 6th and 14th caused some jerky reactions from both the government Federal as well as state levels April 2021 led to some significant results that ASUP would continue to push for appropriate documentation and practical steps for the claims that require immediate action.

He announced that with the ongoing actions government councils have been set up

He explained that the process should complete the governance structures in all federal universities of applied sciences in the country and therefore ensure the conclusion of a deadlocked employee appraisal process and appointment of executives among others in affected institutions .