Feb 9, 2023

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Popular CEO Tonye Irims Reveals Plans to Deploy Prepaid Solar Electricity in over 1000 Nigerian Homes – Legit.ng

  • Innovative solar power company WiSolar plans to offer prepaid electricity plans to over 1000 Nigerian households.
  • This plan is in line with that of WiSolar plans to to launch its mobile app that allows users to buy prepaid solar power units.
  • The prepaid solar power app also allows developers and homeowners to earn commissions on the purchase of solar power units< /strong>

The popular founder and CEO of solar power company WiSolar, Tonye Irims, has revealed that his company plans to offer prepaid power plans for more than 1000 homes across Nigeria.

The launch of pre-paid residential solar power plans in Nigeria coincides with the company’s plan to launch its pre-paid solar power app, which is launching immediately should.

According to Irims, se in business passionate about the dr ive to make green digital utility services a pan-African affair and ensure Africans embrace green energy adoption and transition.

Talking about the upcoming be -Launch app, Tonye Irims said:

“We believe that the launch of the mobile app for prepaid solar power units is a game changer in the quest for clean energy adoption across Africa, and we are very proud of what we will start. Once launched, users will be able to seamlessly purchase prepaid power units just like data is purchased.

We look forward to working with developers and retail partners as we launch the app, which will be available for download on all app stores and the WiSolar website.”

WiSolar launches solar power app

According to him, with the company’s upcoming prepaid card Solarstrom- App will create a whole lot of possibilities.

First of all, the app will allow users to buy solar power units on a prepaid basis in a simple way and as easy as topping up airtime.

Secondly, the app allows residential developers and property owners to earn commissions on solar tariffs.

For use, he says anything interested users do need once the app is launched is easy to download n to register and proceed with the pre-purchase paid solar power units.

He also revealed that homebuilders as well as trading partners are withdrawing commissions for prepaid purchases from their wallets directly into their bank accounts

Solar electricians, users and also the general public can also sign up on the platform to sell the prepaid packages and earn decent commissions as a side hustle.

Tonye Irims announces massive jobs in solar industry

The University of Port Harcourt and Imperial College London graduate said he aims to boost human capacity in the country .

He said he would embark on a mission to empower 1000 young people to become solar engineers as his company plans to expand across Africa.

Source: Legit.ng