Jun 15, 2021

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Presidency forecloses wooing secessionists, fresh national conference

The presidency has ruled out payments to supporters of Nigeria’s Balkanization. President Shehu Garba’s Senior Special Assistant (SSS) for Media and Public Relations stated at an interactive session with reporters organized by the All Progressives Congress (APC) Professional Forum in Abuja that its director cannot be stamped by secessionists.

The presidential adviser stated that Nigeria would remain one and indivisible nation.

He said it was heartwarming to hear voices of reason from chiefs of Afenifere, Ohanaeze and governors of geopolitical zones Southeast and Southwest.

His words: “You can’t intimidate Buhari. You can’t bully him. Many of these secessionists are the problem with this country.

“They had used it in the past. They call for secession for the dissolution of Nigeria to intimidate the seated leader into opening the vault and bring money to regulate the people.

“President Buhari is not going to pay anyone. He won’t pay. Now it is clear that reasonable opinions of these states and regions, as well as the governors of the Southwest and the Southeast, have denounced all of these things after ignoring them all.

“So it’s a delusion. Nigerians want to be one. Yes, there are problems and we hope that as a people who unite and love, we will come together to solve them. “

Shehu, who ruled out calling a national conference, urged the agitators

He added,” Anyone who is a Democrat in heart, practice, and belief should believe the tripartite structure of government – legislative, executive and judicial – each is independent and cooperates with the other.

“We have an elected parliament charged with overseeing the sovereignty of the Nigerian people. Look, a lot of those people who wept for this secession were not eligible. “