Dec 5, 2022

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President Buhari makes crucial promise to Nigerians over insecurity –

  • President Muhammadu Buhari has reassured us that his government will continue to address current security challenges
  • Malam Garba Shehu said the president had the assurance given in his Eid el Kabir message to Nigerian Muslims and other citizens on Friday in Abuja
  • Meanwhile, he called on all Nigerians to join the Muslim believers in the celebration to congratulate good representatives of their religious beliefs

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians that he will not rest in the face of the current until it is passed by him alleviating security challenges and cost of living in the country.

The president made the assurance in his Eid el-Kabir message to Nigerian Muslims and other citizens, Punch newspaper reports.

He said:

“I am me aware of the difficulties people are facing and are working to solve them.”


President Buhari expressed hope that this oath would be a source of blessings , peace, prosperity and security for all Nigerians and stressed that coexistence and stability will prevail in the country.

The President, calling for more patriotism, to build a better Nigeria, appealed to Nigerians to put the country’s interests ahead of selfish interests and “use religion as a motivation for the love of our common humanity.”

He added:

“If we put into practice the teachings of our religions, most of the ills plaguing our society would have been solved.”

According to him, “religion should not only be used as a mere sign of identity w earth, but as a motivator to do good for our country and humanity.”

He said “the exploitation of people by traders and the theft of public funds by officials and other agencies of public trust is a reflection of the exposure of the teachings of our religions.”

“Our society is a bundle of contradictions. People show outward religiosity without fear of God; they make life difficult for others; money becomes their god; Leaders relinquish their oaths of office by taking money destined for the welfare of the people and diverting it to their private pockets,” he said.

President Buhari congratulated the Muslim ummah in Nigeria and the world on the occasion of the Eid, with special mention: “The brave men and women in uniform fighting terror on many fronts and their families, as well as others being held hostage by evil and heartless terrorists and kept away from their families. ”

He took the opportunity to call on all Muslims to reflect on the meaning of the sacrifice embodied in Eid.

According to the President, “We should show love and care to our neighbors and others as we celebrate this spiritually important event in our lives.”

President Buhari also advised Muslims to “promote the good virtues of Islam through personal example and practice,” adding that “Muslims should avoid dealing with violent ex-tremist ideas that have wrongly given Islam a negative image or perception.”

No need for guns, says Uzodimma

Meanwhile, state governor Hope Uzodimma has told Imo residents that they don’t need to wield guns in self-defense. reported that he made this statement against the backdrop of Zamfara’s comment by the state governor to allow residents of his state to carry weapons for self-defense

Uzodimma assured residents of Imo that the security situation is different because the state security agencies are equal to the task.