Jun 28, 2022

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President Buhari Reveals What US, UK Others Should Do to IPOB, Gives Reason – Legit.ng

  • President Buhari has urged the country’s western allies to designate the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist organization
  • The Nigerian leader said this while answering questions about the security situation in Nigeria under his supervision
  • Buhari also claimed that banning IPOB will help improve Nigeria’s oil sector, adding that the group is also involved in the destruction of oil pipelines

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigeria’s western allies, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Ban the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB). as a terrorist organization.

He stated this in an interview published by Bloomberg on Tuesday, June 21.

The Nigerian leader responded to a question about his government’s track record in fighting insecurity and corruption.

He said Nigeria was safer than he met in 2015 and the ban of IPOB, a group aiming to break away parts of the Southeast, will improve the situation.

His words:

“In 2015 , Boko Haram an area the size of Belgium within the borders of Nigeria.Today they are almost extinct as a military force.The leader of the ISWAP was eliminated in March by an airstrike by the Nigerian Air Force.The jets were acquired by the US and the intelligence shared by the British not provided to previous governments and are evidence of re-contracting uen that was rebuilt between Nigeria and our traditional Western allies under my administration, international partners to take additional steps, at no cost to them, by banning another group – IPOB – as a terrorist organization. Their leadership enjoys a safe haven in the West , broadcasts hate speech to Nigeria from London, spends millions lobbying members of the US Congress, and is free to use international financial networks to arm local agitators. This has to stop.

“My government is the only one in Nigeria’s history to have implemented a solution to decades of pastoral-farmer conflicts, exacerbated by desertification and demographic growth. The National Livestock Transformation Plan, that puts ranching at the center is the only way to reduce competition for resources at the heart of the clashes.Some state governors have tried to make policies where ranches have been established, but where there have been disputes, they have decreased dramatically.”

IPOB also plays a role in pipeline destruction, says Buhari

when asked why Nigeria’s crude oil production has plummeted, President spoke Buhari on the steps his government is taking to make the oil sector efficient.

However, he added that classifying IPOB as terror The organization led by Nnamdi Kanu has been involved in the destruction of pipelines.

He said:

“Crime and terrorism in oil-producing regions are hampering production, and it would also help them if our Western allies designated IPOB a terrorist group given their complicity in damaging pipelines and infrastructure A-29 Super Tucano aircraft These efforts are having an impact: wells that needed cleaning closed due to crime have now reopened. With these efforts, OPEC has increased our quota for the next month.”

FG meets Facebook team, calls for ban on IPOB activities

An explanation by Segun Adeyemi, Mohammed’s media adviser, points out that the minister made the request in Abuja on Tuesday, May 17, during a meeting with a team from Facebook.

He said that since IPOB had been banned and classified as a terrorist organization, Facebook had no justification for ceding its platform to the organization to further their campaign of hate and destabilization of the country.

Source: Legit .ng